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Email News update - September 2001


Our greetings to you this month are overshadowed by the events of 11 September. Many in our community have been directly affected by the terrorist attacks, and all of us have been shocked by the terror, carnage and destruction, and by their actual and possible consequences. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the plane crashes and their aftermath, and all who are working for healing and repair at all levels.

At the time of the terrorist attacks, Paul Winter and his family were in Vermont, where Paul had been performing as part of the event 'For the Love of the Earth: A Celebration of the Earth Charter'.

For peace, and for the love of the Earth and all life on it, we send healing thoughts.




Contrasting the destruction which was to effect us all just two days later, 'For the Love of Earth; A Celebration of the Earth Charter' on September 9th at Shelburne Farms in Vermont (USA) was a day-long event which gathered people together for an Earth prayer and to introduce them to the Earth Charter. The event began with an early morning pilgrimage, during which the 2000 or so participants, led by Satish Kumar, walked through the beautiful surroundings of Shelburne Farms to the great barn at which the event was held. As they came over the crest of the last hill, they were greeted by the sounds of 'Sun Singer' played by Paul Winter from a balcony in the barn and relayed to the pilgrimage. The words of Dr. Jane Goodall, Satish Kumar and Dr Steven C. Rockefeller, as well as the music of Paul Winter and the dance, music and painting of several Vermont artists inspired a sense of reverence and commitment towards Earth. The Reverend Dean James Morton was among spiritual leaders blessing the day.

Reverence and commitment towards Earth.....


'A Gathering of Healing Anger' is the title of the free event hosted by the Riverside Church in New York City on Tuesday 25 September. Paul Winter will be playing with Vietnamese Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hahn. Doors open at 6.15pm for the performance at 7pm. Please contact the Riverside Church ( http://www.theriversidechurchny.org ) for more information.


Join an extended Paul Winter Consort, religious leaders of different persuasions, a variety of animals of all shapes, sizes and smells, and a host of people in a contemporary mass for the Earth on October 7th in New York's Cathedral of St.John the Divine. Admission is free. Visit http://www.livingmusic.com/schedules.html#earthmass for more information.


After the recent terrorist attacks, Paul Winter's 22nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, celebrating the return of the light after the longest night, will be all the more poignant. We invite you to join us at this whole earth event on 13th, 14th and 15th December in New York's Cathedral of St.John the Divine. You will find more information and online ticket sales at http://www.livingmusic.com/solstice/wintersolstice.html





7pm, Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Avenue, New York City,


Riverside will host 'A Gathering of Healing Anger', a lecture by Vietnamese Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hahn with music by Paul Winter. Admission is free and seating is on a first come, first seated basis. Please contact the Riverside Church (http://www.theriversidechurchny.org ) for more information.

7 OCTOBER 2001

11am, Earth Mass, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York

City, NY (USA)

The Paul Winter Consort (including Paul Winter, Paul Sullivan, Eugene Friesen, Eliot Wadopian, Paul Myers) will perform the Earth Mass / Missa Gaia as part of the Cathedral's celebration of the Feast of St.Francis. Admission is free, and free tickets are passed out to those in line approximately an hour before the Mass. The Mass will be followed by a fair on the pulpit green, 1pm-5pm. More information about the Earth Mass is available at http://www.livingmusic.com/concerts/earthmass.html. More information about the Cathedral's Feast of St.Francis is available at http://www.stjohndivine.org .

11 OCTOBER 2001

Paul Winter performing solo at Kingsbury Hall, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (USA) Paul Winter will give a benefit performance for the Glen Canyon Institute at the opening of the Institute's 7th Annual Conference. Tickets are available through Kingsbury Hall, University of Utah, at (801) 581-7100, or any ArtTix outlet. Discount for advance tickets. For more information, visit http://www.glencanyon.org.

20 OCTOBER 2001

Paul Winter performing solo at the Chandler Music Hall,

71-73 Main Street, Randolph, VT (USA).

For reservations, call (802) 728-9878 The Chandler Music Hall is a turn-of-the-century Victorian music hall with exquisite acoustics. Randoph is in central Vermont (exit #4 from Interstate 89, approximately 3 hours north of Boston). For more information about Chandler and about Randolph, visit http://www.randolphvt.com

28 OCTOBER 2001

Paul Winter performing solo at 3pm at The Mansion, Orange County Community College, Middletown, New York (USA).

Concert organized by Friends of Music. Call 845.342-0878 for

tickets. More information and directions are available from http://www.friendsofmusic.net .

18 NOVEMBER 2001

Paul Winter, Oscar Castro-Neves and Arto Tuncboyaciyan performing at 7pm at the Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N Speulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (USA). Please call 310-440-4500 for more information or call LA Tickets (323-655-8587).

13-15 December 2001

22nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City, NY (USA) Paul Winter and guest artists from around the world performing at 7.30pm on 13, 14 and 15 December and at 2pm on 15 December. Tickets are on sale now by mail, by phone or online; for more information and directions to the Cathedral, visit http://www.livingmusic.com/solstice/wintersolstice.html .

14-17 MARCH 2002

Paul Winter Consort with guest artists performing with San Jose Symphony Orchestra (USA). Details to be announced

27 APRIL 2002

Paul Winter Consort performing benefit concert for LARC, Torrington, CT (USA). Details to be announced



ALTOONA AMERICA: THE JOURNEY CONTINUES is a musical commemoration of Altoona's first 150 years. Directed by Paul Winter and narrated by Mike Reid and Paul Winter, the event 'Altoona America: The Journey Continues' took place in Paul Winter's home town of Altoona (PA, USA) in May 1999. A recording of the commemoration has been released as a 2 CD set by the Altoona Sesquicentennial Commission and features Paul Winter and Mike Reid, the Altoona Symphony Orchestra, the Altoona Sesquicentennial Community Chorus, Mother of Nations Native American Dancers and Drummers, the Logan Guard Civil War Band, the Silver Liners Big Band, the Paul Winter Consort, vocalist Paula Clunt, pianist Diane Winter Pyles, with Fritz Klein as Abraham Lincoln. ALTOONA AMERICA... is available at our online store: http://www.livingmusic.com/store/pwonotherlabels.html

A new limited six-CD set entitled PRODUCED BY GEORGE MARTIN and issued to commemorate Sir George Martin's 50 years of producing records includes two tracks by the Paul Winter Consort. The two tracks, included on disc 5 of the set, are 'Icarus' and 'Juniper Bear', both taken from ICARUS, the Paul Winter Consort album produced by George Martin in 1972, which Martin was to refer to as "the finest album I ever made". PRODUCED BY GEORGE MARTIN (Box Set)is a collectors' item, and a fine tribute to one of the key figures of the music scene in the last half century.

PRODUCED BY GEORGE MARTIN is available through http://www.livingmusic.com/store/pwonotherlabels.html


Paul Winter was to have performed at the premiere of 'Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years', an exhibit in tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy at the John F. Kennedy Museum in Boston (MA, USA). The premiere of the upcoming exhibition, planned for 12th September, was cancelled in the shadow of events in New York and Washington on 11th September.

 Paul Winter had met Jacqueline Kennedy in 1962, when at her invitation the Paul Winter Sextet became the first jazz group to play at the White House. The Sextet's concert on 19th November 1962 in the East Room of the White House at the invitation of Jackie Kennedy is captured on MUSIC OF THE KENNEDY WHITE HOUSE, available through our online store at http://www.livingmusic.com/store/pwonotherlabels.html


Living Music is an independent label. We are working hard to make Living Music available to our community worldwide. A list of partners who are working with us for the distribution of Living Music around the world can be found at http://www.livingmusic.com/store/questions.html#distributors




Wavesounds, distributing Living Music in Switzerland, is featuring Living Music in the label profile on its website at: http://www.wavesounds.ch/page7.html


We are grateful to American Airlines and to Radio WFUV for support for Paul Winter's 22nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, and invite you to visit their websites at: http://www.aa.com - American Airlines http://www.wfuv.org - Radio WFUV


Visit http://www.livingmusic.com/store/freedraw.html to enter our free draw and treasure hunt.


http://www.livingmusic.com/store/specialoffers.html Amongst the albums on special offer at our online store at present are GREATEST HITS, a double album presenting 30 Living Music tracks from Paul Winter's award-winning body of work that transcends categories. The 2 CD-set includes a CD- ROM featuring a journey into the World of Living Music, narrated by Paul Winter. Tracks presented on GREATEST HITS which are not available on other recordings include a new version of the classic piece 'Icarus' in a Brazilian arrangement by Oscar Castro-Neves. http://www.livingmusic.com/store/specialoffers.html



http://www.livingmusic.com/biographies/pwmilestones.html to see an updated and more detailed account of the milestones in Paul Winter's musical journey, including anecdotes such as Paul's career as a drummer being cut short in first grade, Paul's playing with the Dave Brubeck Quartet in the 1960's, and the Consort's performances with the likes of Procol Harum, Bruce Spingsteen, and Peter, Paul and Mary. http://www.livingmusic.com/biographies/pwmilestones.html




The Earth Charter is a Declaration of Interdependence that recognizes that humanity's environmental, economic, social, cultural, ethical and spiritual aspirations are all interconnected.

Born from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the Earth Charter was revitalized in 1994 by Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the Earth Summit, Mikhail Gorbachev, Chair of the Green Cross International and the Dutch Government. Professor Steven Rockefeller chaired the International Drafting Committee. Thousands of people from 56 countries helped shape the agreement, which will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly in June 2002 for endorsement. The Earth Charter is based on the belief that all life is interconnected and, therefore, all issues are related, and its principles focus on respect and care for the community of life, economic fairness, social justice, participatory democracy, peace and environmental sustainability. Find out more about the Earth Charter, and about local and national initiatives, at the following websites: - http://www.earthcharter.org (go to 'National Campaigns' for links to organizations in each country) - http://www.earthcharterusa.org - information about the Earth Charter USA Campaign - http://www.earthchartersummits.org


It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, "An eye for an eye will only leave the world blind". There are many websites and petitions campaigning for a non-military response to the events of 11 September, all reflecting different approaches to the issues at stake. We list some of them here for your interest (but please note that the viewpoints expressed at these sites do not necessarily reflect the views of Paul Winter).

http://pax.protest.net/ lists ani-war and anti-racism

events around the world

http://www.9-11peace.org/ is running a petition urging world

leaders to avoid war

http://www.stopworldwar3.com links to many informative


http://www.antiwar.com also links to many wide-ranging and

thought-provoking articles




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Vivienne Liley


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