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Pen Turnings by Rich Froehlich

Executive Rhodium Blythe Desert Ironwood Maple-Padauk inlay.
2012 Idaho Artistry in Wood Show Winner.


Majestic Squire kit with Bloodwood and Ebony inlays.


Blackwood with Red Heart Inlays on a Black Cigar kit that I made for a friend who was leaving town recently.


Phoenix Black Mesquite:
Black Mesquite with Maple and Aluminum inlays


Chrome Cigar Kingwood:
Kingwood with African Blackwood and Aluminum inlays


Segmented Cigar:  Roller Ball and Fountain Pen Set
Segmented Maple and Sapele, the two pens are mirror
opposites of each other.


Steam Punk Copper:
Hand made Aluminum and Copper, cast in Alumilite.


Nouveau Sceptre:
Wild Horse Jasper Truestone Fountain Pen


Spalted River Birch Chrome:
River Birch, Spalted & Crosscut