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Pieces by Rich Froehlich

The Cocobolo Bowl I did as a house warming gift for friends that live in Nevada.  About 4 ½” diameter and 2” high.


Lignum Vitae bowl is about 3 ½” in diameter and 2 ½” tall.
Another Christmas present.


The Sycamore Bowl was turned for my wife at Christmas…
7” in Diameter 4” high


The Pepper mill is turned from Hard Maple with Bloodwood inserts..
about 10” tall for my oldest daughter for Christmas


Lidded Bowl - Curly maple, Bubinga Lid, Burmese Blackwood Finial


Quilted Maple Bowl


Multiple Axis turned Goblet - Curly Maple


Natural edge bowl - Eastern Redbud


Hollow Form
Big Leaf Maple, Cocobolo Rim, African Blackwood Finial