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Pieces by Don Thompson

First major segmented piece, Goncalo Alves


Finished set, Goncalo Alves


Sea Urchin Box


Pen Sets



Oak handle with fused glass cross

Spalted maple bowl  appx  6” diameter

Apricot natural edge bowl appx 6” diam

Black Mesquite bowl, apppx 4” diam

Apricot bowl, appx 4” diam

Apricot bowl, appx 4” diam

Purpleheart and ash bowl, salvaged after right side completely broke off,
appx 7” diam


Hickory and Paduk box, stave construct, appx 6” high, 4” diam

Hunter carbide tip on 5/8 steel shaft, in an aluminum 16” handle with leather on the head and Bocote turning on the tail end, textured for grip

Tooth fairy Box
Walnut box for my grandson Daniel (6)

Urchin Ornament
Oak finials

Urchin Ornament
Paduk finials

Urchin Ornament
Bocote finials