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January 2012 Newsletter

I was not able to attend the last meeting for personal reasons. I want to thank Frank and Susan for putting together the information for this newsletter.

Thanks to Rich Froehlich we now have our Rogues Gallery functioning.  But I need pictures of everyone.  If I have taken your picture at a meeting, then I have your pictures.  Please, e-mail me a picture of you, or you and your spouse.  We have a space for your name and your spouse’s name, phone #, cell #, e-mail address and a special interest box.  The special interest box could include what you like to turn, other hobbies or anything you want included.
If you would not like any information in the directory please e-mail requesting not to be included.
I will use the current club roster as a base for the directory

Steve Young demonstrated how to make a box.  Steve used canary wood.  He used a spindle gouge and a hunter hollowing tool.

Steve demonstrated how to put a cabochon in the lid.  He used a blue agate, and glued it in with 5 minute epoxy rather than CA.  Steve explained because of the two different surfaces, epoxy was the better glue.


Thanks to Steve for a another excellent demonstration

Club Business:
Frank explained the new judging system, which is currently being used at Idaho Artistry in Wood.

We had a guest from Idaho Falls, Randy Tinker.  

The club is trying to upgrade our library.  If anyone has DVD’s that they would like to donate, to make the library better, we would all benefit from them.  

Lyn Tozer is thinking about the librarian position.

Bowl Exchange will now be:
Turning of the Month

We are now going to let the winner of the exchange choose what he/she will bring in for the next exchange.

Wayne Heiski won the bowl.  I can’t wait to see what Wayne makes.  I might have to buy several raffle tickets.

Frank brought in some silver maple and sugar maple.  Steve and Trudy Webb brought in some Elm that Steve had just cut down.

Lots of happy turners left with some great wood.

The Challenge for March is:
Stick Pen
6-8” plate.

Artistry in Wood:
Artistry in wood was well attended.  When I was there we had plenty of volunteers working.

Advanced: Special Forms

Best of Class: by Jim Raeder

Advanced: Segmented Forms

Jason Madsen

Advanced: Lidded Forms

Richard Anderson

Best of the Best
Best of Class

Kestrel Carved by Lona H Smith

In order to conserve space, I only included the winners of blue ribbons.  Many of our members entered outstanding turnings and a lot of other people received ribbons.  I will bring the pictures to the next meeting.

Next Meeting March 13th, 2012.

Club Offices for 2012

Frank Lench, Pres: phone 939-3089, fglench@cableone.net
Susan McCoy, VP/Prog Coord: phone 549-0157,
John Pickrell, Treas: phone 375-6196,
Ellis Miller, Newsletter: wade4430@hotmail.com