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March 2012 Newsletter

Special Guest:

Russ Whitney from Sawtooth Ideas, Inc. (http://www.sawtoothideas.com) spoke briefly at the meeting to describe his Boisebased business. Sawtooth Ideas is an Internet website where woodworkers can buy and sell woodworking plans. Any woodworking project with sufficient details and illustrations to be constructed can be posted for sale and the author will make money every time it sells. The website is going live to customers in the next week and is looking for woodworkers to post their designs for sale.

In the coming months, Sawtooth Ideas will also be releasing software tools that make it easier create woodworking plans and to view, explore and customize plans they have purchased. The design tool, called IdeaBuilder, will work in conjunction with the free 3D drawing tool called Google SketchUp. If you are interested in making woodworking plans to sell, consider taking Micheal Kingsley's class on using Google SketchUp for woodworking. It is available through Woodcraft. If you are interested in more information or about using Sawtooth Ideas' tools for creating woodworking plans then email Russ at russ@sawtoothideas.com.


George Cochran gave us a demonstration.
We want to thank George for bring in a lot of examples of his outstanding turnings.

George is also a machinist and brought in several tools that he has made. George has taken Shopsmith lathe’s and converted them into large clamps to glue up his segmented work.

George said that he supplements his income with his woodturning.

George told us how he develops a design, and then his daughter has the final say on the finished design. George has made as many of 70 copies of one design that he was developing.

George gave us several tips about woodturning. He said he used EEE Ultra Shine and put a friction polish over the EEE. Several years ago I tried EEE Ultra Shine Paste Wax and then put Shellawax Friction Polish on. I got a great shine, but it only lasted several days, and then lost the shine. Additional coats of the Friction Polish didn’t help. I gave up, and threw it out. George said you have got to let the EEE dry for at least ½ hour before putting on the friction polish. Did I say I am a little impatient and had both coats done in a few minutes? Light bulb went off in my head. Might try EEE again, this time the way George said to do it.

Thank you George, for a great demo.

Turning of the Month:

Wayne Heiski brought in a very nice tool in lieu of making a turning. The tool is a multi-function tool. Don won the tool.

Marlene Knopp won a gift card.

Challenge: Beginners:

Lyn Tozer won 1st place with her stickpen.

Steve Terry entered his stickpen.

Thank you Lyn and Terry for your entries.

You both did excellent work.

Challenge: Advanced:

A 6 to 8 inch plate was won by Susan McCoy. Susan made a square plate with wood burning and black gesso stain on the rim.
Nick Peterson made a very nice plate. Excellent beadings work on the top and a flat bottom.


Club Business:

Mike Jackofsky gave his turning class at Woodcraft the last weekend of February. The people who got to go said it was worth every penny. Monte is now stocking Mike’s turning tools and his DVD. A lot of great information is on the DVD.

A review class is going to be scheduled for the people that attended Mike’s class.

Frank Lench told us about the way Mike demonstrated to measure the bottom depth of a hollow form. Most of us have turned through the bottom of a hollow form. Frank is making the tools to do the measuring. Contact Frank if you are interested in buying one or a set from him.

I was able to take a lot of photographs for the Rogue’s Gallery. Thank you everyone for participating. And, for all of you that said you would break my camera, I am happy to say, “it still works fine”. I will be working on the directory this month, and I hope to have it ready for next month’s meeting.

If anyone has not paid their dues, please contact Susan or John.

Everyone is encouraged to enter a turning in the state fair. The club is trying to have judges that are more knowledgeable about woodturning.

A lot of wood was donated to the club. The wood was raffled off and a lot of people left the meeting with wood. We want to see the wood come back with show and tell pieces. The goal is to get more people turning and showing their work.

So EVERYONE, let’s get turning.

Be sure and go to the web site, www.swiwt.com and check out what next month’s challenge is. Lots of other good information there.

An update from our president:

Next month, (April) we will have wood for about 7 to 10 people to purchase for around $10.00.
The wood will be used to make an item that will be announced at the meeting. (Most likely a bowl for #1) Monte is getting the wood for us.
The wood will be 6x6x6 to about 10x10x10. We will make the agreed upon item and bring it to the May meeting and discuss it. Any prizes or gift certificates are an open item at this point.
I will have pictures of the general bowl shape and the club members can put their own creativity to the basic shape. The bowls can be retained by the owner or saved for later contribution to a good cause.
On one Sunday afternoon in April Steve and I will have a help session at woodcraft to help anyone that needs it or needs a lathe to work on. Anyone who can't afford the wood will be given it at no cost and the club will pay for it.
Our bottom line motive for this endeavor is to promote turning in the club and help those that may need a start.
Any member that wants to furnish their own wood is welcome to bring a bowl also.
I will email the bowl example to work from out soon, so anyone that wants to get a head start can.


Next Meeting April 10th, 2012.

Club Offices for 2012

Frank Lench, Pres: phone 939-3089, fglench@cableone.net
Susan McCoy, VP/Prog Coord: phone 549-0157,
John Pickrell, Treas: phone 375-6196,
Ellis Miller, Newsletter: wade4430@hotmail.com