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April 2012 Newsletter

By Rich Froehlich

Rich did a demonstration on inlay techniques that he uses for custom made pens. Rich gave us a lot of very good information on how to inlay woods, metals, stone and powders into a  pen blank.  Rich showed us a jig he designed to make the cuts for the inlays.

These are some of the veneers of various thicknesses that Rich makes for his inlay.

In the above picture, the upper blank is the top of a cigar pen.  Rich inlayed a thin aluminum (soda can) strip.  The arrow points to the inlay.

The bottom blank shows two types of wood, with a black inlay separating the woods.

This pen was built with bands of different woods and then inlayed.  That pen blank is a lot of work.  The finish is a smooth as glass.

The above picture has a custom cap, inlays, custom center band, inlays, and a custom tip.  Wow

An inlayed blank that is ready for drilling.

A custom pen with inlays.


Acrylic with inlays.

A blank with inlayed lines and dots.

This blank was made with a piece of wood that is not big enough for a pen blank.  The wood is put in a mold, and the mold is then filled with a colored resin.  The blank is then put under pressure.  The result is a wood and resin blank that is quite beautiful.

This is the jig Rich designed to use on his band saw, to cut the kerf for the inlay work.  The jig has a guide that fits into the miter gauge slot on his band saws table.  Rich is able to change the angle of the cut for different looks, and adjust the blank from side to side.

Thank you Rich, for sharing a lot of your secrets for making custom pens.  Excellent demonstration!


This month’s challenge was to make an egg.  The beginning turners had a lot of very good entries.  Thanks to everyone that entered.

First place went to Lynn Tozer, with her egg and egg cup.

Dennis made a set of salt and pepper shakers in egg forms.

The eggs were made out of maple.  The pepper shaker was stained walnut.

Don Thompson made a walnut egg for the challenge.  You can see it by the amateur alley sign.  Don also made two, tooth fairy cups for the turner’s exchange, and a round carbide tool with an inlayed cross in the handle for his son.


Bill Miller made an inlayed egg and base out of purple heart.

I want to thank everyone in the beginner’s category for your entries.  Your participation will lead to you becoming better turners.


Brian Malnar made a 15 inch high tulip cup out of Kwila wood.  The thin stem is very hard to do.  I know this for a fact, because there are two attempts in my burn box.

Good job Brian, and thanks for the entry.

Turning of the Month

Micheal Kingsley won the turning of the month.  Micheal got to pick one of the two tooth fairy boxes made by Don.

Show and Tell

Don’s carbide wood turning tool with the cross inlay.

Micheal Kingsley made a plate out of maple.  You have to see the plate to appreciate the grain.

Micheal also made a cup and cup holder out of juniper.  The cup was off set three times, to make the handle, and he had to make custom jaws to hold the cup for the final turning.

Bill Miller made a top with a stand.

Nick Peterson made four camp plates out of maple.  The four plates were turned to stack and interlock together.

John Pickrell made a top that he has been able to keep spinning for three minutes.

Monte’s New Products

Monte shared with us some new products that he has put in the store.  He has a respirator and a moisture meter.  Both are good quality and very good prices.  If you could use one of them, be sure and check them out next time you are in the store.

Monte also obtained some silver maple turning blocks in various sizes.  A 6inX6inX6in block was $6.00, and a 6inX6inX2in block was $2.00.  Other sizes are available.  This wood was made available with the efforts of Frank and Monte.  Thanks to both of you for your hard work.

Monte indicated that about 10 turners left with some of the wood.  Next meeting we should see several show and tell items.

Other Club News

The club has been given $500.00 by Artistry in Wood.  Susan asked the club how the money should be used.  The club could buy a lathe for demonstrations, bring in a professional demonstrator or give a class on making your own turning tools.  It seemed like the most interest was in a tool making class.  If you have any other ideas on how to use the money, please contact Frank or Susan.  

Trudy is going to complete an inventory of the club library.  She will also check out the videos and books to club members.

Challenge for May

Beginning turners-Ice Cream Scoop
Advanced turners-Natural Edge bowl

Everyone-let’s get turning

Next Meeting May 8th, 2012.

Club Offices for 2012

Frank Lench, Pres: phone 939-3089, fglench@cableone.net
Susan McCoy, VP/Prog Coord: phone 549-0157,
John Pickrell, Treas: phone 375-6196,
Ellis Miller, Newsletter: wade4430@hotmail.com