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August 2011 Newsletter

Up and Coming!

Next Meeting will be the Summer Picnic on September 10, 211. Starts at 6 PM and going until you are tired out. We will meet at:

Micheal Kingsley's House
4301 Bott Lane
Meridian, Idaho 83642

There will be no meeting at Woodcraft in September.

Drawing Winners:

A. Howell, with assistance from Micheal Kingsley, made a nice cottonwood bowl that I am now the proud owner of.

Frank Lench won the $10.00 gift certificate and Steve Young won the $5.00 gift certificate.

Monthly Woodturning Challenge:

Beginners Category: Tool Handle

Wayne Heiskari took first place with an oval handle for an anntique hammer type tool.
He used offset turning to turn the oval. 

Chance Gatfield turned a handle for a skew gouge.

Advanced Category: 6 to 10" hollowed Vase

Jerry Wagner took first place with a vase shaped as a pitcher. Jerry told us how he made it, and it is very involved.

Frank Lench took 2nd place with a maple vase.

Susan McCoy took 3rd place with a walnut root vase with a hidden box.

Rich Froehich took 4th place with a very nice thin walled walnut vase.

Excellent work by everyone! Thanks to all who entered the challenges and brought work to show everyone.


Frank Lench demonstrated the was he is able to use metallic glace paint and patina solution to put a very nice antique finish on his projects. Frank gets his supplies from www.arizonagourds.com. You can find out more information on the web site.

Frank also demonstrated a new product that makes wood bending easier for us. Frank had wood bent in very tight curves. I could think of many ways to use this product, and everyone should visit the web site and keep it in their favorites for the future. The web site is www.extremewoodbending.com or www.flutedbeams.com.
Phone: 253-988-2046

We would all like to thank Frank for an excellent demonstration and some great information.

Club Offices for 2011

Tom Pratt, Pres: phone 465-8052, scribblesticks@cableone.net
Susan McCoy, VP/Prog Coord: phone 549-0157,
John Pickrell, Treas: phone 375-6196,
Ellis Miller, Newsletter: wade4430@hotmail.com