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October 2010 Newsletter

Up and Coming!

Turn for the Troops: Nov. 6
beginning at 8 a.m. We have 1,000 pens to turn, lathes needed

Next Meeting: Nov. 9

Challenge for Nov: Whistles
Nov. is the month we nominate officers. Please consider serving!

Artistry in Wood Feb 26, 27
entry forms available on our website.

Entries for the October egg in a holder challenge in the advanced category. No, the egg in the back isn’t drunk, just needs straightening

And the winner was...

Micheal Kingsley!

Thanks to our judges for this month: Wayne Rexford, Cami Ayers and Quentin Nicks L to R.

Gary Tock donated this piece of desert ironwood for our drawing. Won by John Pickrell. The sample bowl was made by Steve Young.

October Demo

As we watched on the new flat screen that the club purchased and which is mounted high on the Woodcraft wall so we all can see: Steve Young ran through a pen review demonstrating several time-saving techniques for those doing a number of pens at once.

Thanks to Tom Pratt and Steve Young and John Pickrell for buying & installing the new screen.

Don’t forget Nov. 6th “Turn for the Troops.”


Each object that we make is a record of our “self” at the moment of it’s making. If we negate the value of each state of our development we remove our personal history and are left empty. They tell stories of who we are, as well as who we were. . . they do not lie.


Ray Ayers a Lutheran pastor and Army Reserve Chaplain who has served in Iraq, shared with us the enthusiasm and pleasure that the troops expressed upon receipt of the “Turn for the Troops” pens.

Ray is Steve Young’s son-in-law.

Monte and Woodcraft are branching out. You can now purchase gourmet salt and pepper to gift with your turned pepper and salt mills.

Monte also shared several new toys you don’t want to miss out on.

Show and Tell

Salt and pepper by Trudy Webb, vase with magnetic lid by Susan McCoy, whistles and vases below, by Ray Volker Don’t forget the whistle challenge for the Nov. meeting.


This piece had much more distinguishing color than the camera captured. One needs to see it first hand.

Creator Jason Madsen

Artistry in Wood

As we prepare for the Feb. show, keep in mind the following:

Co-chairmen for Woodturners are Jerry Wagner and Steve Young
We are in need of a judge. If you have a suggestion, please contact Jerry or Steve.

Auction Pieces

Each club is asked to donate at least two auction pieces
Each club should decide on the best expressions of their art. Quality rather than size might be one of the considerations.
Submissions to be made by Jan 1st. so they can appear on the website.
All proceeds from the auction will be retained by the Idaho Artistry in Wood Assoc.
Auctioned pieces become the property of the highest bidder.
Auction pieces may be entered in the show by the artist.
Each club is asked to donate at least four table center pieces to be raffled or given away.

Most of all, don’t hesitate to enter!

Entry forms at our website – swiwt.com


The Bowl of the Month by Tom Pratt was won by Gary Meisner

For Sale

Gary Smith has a 250 Vic Mark Lathe for sale. Phone Gary at 562-0153 if you are interested.

Club Offices for 2010

Tom Pratt, Pres: phone 465-8052, scribblesticks@cableone.net
Crusty Hamon, VP/Prog Coord: phone 442-1234, dottiecrusty@msn.com
John Pickrell, Treas: phone 375-6196, jpickr7700@aol.com
Susan McCoy, Newsletter/Lib: phone 549-0157, dsmccoy@q.com
Lyn Tozer, co-Newsletter/Lib phone 344-4233, tozmaclyn@q.com