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December  Newsletter
Southwest Idaho Wood Turners Association

Season's Greetings!


Christmas Party

The Christmas party on December 11th that replaces our regular Tuesday meeting was a huge success.  57  members from the turners and wood workers clubs attended and  brought gifts to exchange, and the food was incredible. Turkey, ham, side dishes of all sorts, deserts that left a bunch of us a few pounds heavier at the end of the evening.

John got the evening started with his invocation and the feast began to Christmas music.

The gift table was full, and the master of the ceremony, Michael Kingsley kept the process moving.  Brian and Tami Malnar conducted the gift exchange and brought their great personalities and humor to the process.  Each gift was selected by random number, and then the fun really began!  Exchanges were made, and no one knew what they were going to end up with, so there were many surprises and a lot of laughs.

There was a large range of nicely crafted wood gift selections, and some pretty amazing creations were offered for exchange.

Thanks to all for their generosity and expression of your talents.

Photos were taken, and will be posted on the web site under events.

Again, Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Season's Greetings!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday  January 8th at 6:30 pm

Artistry in Wood

Another reminder to work on projects for February’s event.  Also, think about how you can help with the planning and execution of the event.  

There are many jobs to be done to  continue making the event the success it has always been!

Great news

John Lee has agreed to be the Wood Turners Judge for the 2013 Show.

See You all next year!