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September 2010 Newsletter

Up and Coming!

1st Tues. with Brian Malnar
7pm, 9531 W. Halstead
An opportunity for hands on individual sharing. (On hold until further notice.)

Next Meeting: October 12

Challenge for October:
We will repeat the September challenge of an egg in a holder as Micheal Kingsley was the only one who remembered to enter something.

September Picnic

Our gracious host and hostess Micheal and Marleen Kingsley (facing the camera) shared their lovely backyard with us.

A relaxing good time was had by all!





And feast we did.
The pulled pork with Micheal's great sauce was yummy as were all the dishes every one contributed.

Micheal's eggs in holders are going to be hard to beat as October's challenge.

Club Offices for 2010

Tom Pratt, Pres: phone 465-8052, scribblesticks@cableone.net
Crusty Hamon, VP/Prog Coord: phone 442-1234, dottiecrusty@msn.com
John Pickrell, Treas: phone 375-6196, jpickr7700@aol.com
Susan McCoy, Newsletter/Lib: phone 549-0157, dsmccoy@q.com
Lyn Tozer, co-Newsletter/Lib phone 344-4233, tozmaclyn@q.com