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Letters From the President

The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho
January 2012

Presidents Letter: 

To: All Members of Southwest Idaho Wood Turners Association

From:   Frank Lench

As your 2012 President I would like to share some of thoughts and ideas and where I would like to see the club direction go during the upcoming year.

I've constructed a survey for each member to fill out and get back to me. They will be e-mailed to each member separate from this letter. Please bring them to the January meeting,  e-mail back or just mail it to my home address.  

This is important information for me if you want me to address the members needs and steer the club to be effective for the time and expense you put into it. So please get it back as complete as possible and I will try to keep the individual info limited to as few people as required , but will combine all the responses and get a overall club response back to everyone with my comments.

I have put together an advisory committee from the membership to work with the board of directors to discuss the direction of this club and combine ideas on constant improvement. The board/advisory committee will meet prior to our regular Tuesday meetings.

Our knowing each other better on a first name basis can make it easier for the new and older members to talk and share ideas when we are together and tying a name to face or when you want to call someone can make us a better club. So I would like to have each members photo  and some info taken and printed up in a simple for club use only  document.  This can be in black and white and kept simple and easy to revise and a copy given to each member. We can take photos at our January and Feb mtgs  and   get it out right away. Most all organizations of our size recognize the value of this kind document and have one.  

The national organization  of wood turners,  the AAW, is a 13,000 + group of turners that we are members of as a club and some of our members have individual memberships.  They are there to service the members and member clubs, with information  on wood turning, like lathes,tools, turning materials,techniques and design. They also promote wood turning as an art form and craft. They promote meeting for wood turners like the national symposium that will meet for 5 days in San Jose in 2012. I encourage all members to join. We will discuss this more our monthly meetings.

I believe there are a lot people out there in the Treasure Valley with lathes  that would wipe the dust off them if they knew how to use them properly.  If we could put on a free Saturday morning organized and advertised  public turning demonstration program for a year and see how it is accepted we may be able to increase our membership and turning interest over the present numbers.  A  5 to 10%  increase in membership in a  year should be attainable.

In February we will make some changes to our meeting demonstrations and that will be announced  at our January meeting. 

This club was started by some very talented wood turners and officially organized in March of 1995 and they did a good job getting it to this point and we need thank them, but we need to continue what they started and with the present day equipment, tools and information  available to us that was not available just a few years ago.

Monte at Woodcraft is with us all the way in assisting us with space, equipment and tools and I see working hand in hand with him as a  blessing for our club. 

Don't miss the January meeting and if you haven’t been to a meeting for a while come on out and get reacquainted. 

Please complete the surveys and bring them to the January Meeting. 

Thanks for staying with me to this point, see you on January 14th.

Frank Lench
287 Rooster Drive
Eagle, Id  83616
208 939 3089
email : fglench@cableone.net

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