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Letters From the President

The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho

December 31st, 2012

Presidents Letter:

Here we all go with a New Year 2013. This is our 18th year as a turning club.
We're constantly having new members coming on board, and turning is getting more popular every year. The new members from 2012 are really stepping up and becoming part of our activities and our willing to contribute.
Any of our members that have not joined the AAW (American Association of Woodturners) should think seriously about joining for a year and see what the benefits are. I look forward to the bi-monthly magazine and look at the web site on a daily basis.  

We will have our first board meeting for 2013 on Monday 1-7-13.

Your new board is:

Frank Lench          President
Trudy Webb          Treasurer
Susan McCoy         Board of Director
Brian Malnar           Board  of Director

Advisory Comm.

Don Thompson        Newsletter and Photographer
Rich Froehlich         Rep. To AIW Show
Steve Young
Rich Howard
Ron Lee
Micheal Kingsley
Tom  Turco

Please feel free to call any of the above members to discuss club activities and suggestions for improvement

Lyn Trozer has been our librarian and we hope she will carry on for 2013.
If you have suggestions on a DVD or book the club should purchase please let Lyn or myself know and we will consider it.

Brent Terry has again, as in years past ,printed up our new 2013 membership cards. Thanks Brent.

John Pickrell has retired as our treasurer and big leader/helper of events. Don't  think we won''t be calling on you though John. Thanks for your real dedication to this club and turning.

Our annual Christmas party was successful and thanks to everyone who helped, it definitely takes participation from a lot of people for a gathering to come off this well.

Also, it didn't go unnoticed that the number and quality of turning has really increased,some great gifts were taken home to new shelves and uses. Thanks for the generosity everyone.

The 2013 Artistry In Wood Show will be here in 7 weeks.  Rich Froehlich is our club Representative for the event and Glenn Peter is helping as his assistant.
Rich has also taken on the job of treasurer for the show.
John Lee
will be the 2013 judge for the wood turners. There will be some changes in the wood turners  registration /entry wording and categories, so read  it carefully when its posted on the web site.
Don't forget :  Your entry pieces, raffle pieces and banquet entry piece.
This is the only show we turners have in this area at this time, so lets show up with our best like in years past.

Brian Malnar will demonstrate a turning project at 6:30 pm to 8:00pm at our Tuesday 1-8-2013 general meeting.  Brian is a past president of our club and is a fine turner. Brian enjoys demonstrating and we can anticipate an informative and enjoyable 1.5hrs with Brian.

Our January meeting will be our annual dues collection meeting and photo taking time for the new club directory. Please send a photo you would like to have used to Don Thompson (donthompson@aol.com) or have him get a quick photo of you at the January meeting.I ask your cooperation on this years photo taking as it's a really handicap for new members and some older members to remember each other month to month.
Please get to the meeting early as we will be sat up at 6:00 pm  for dues and photos.

Please bring any recent turning to share with members, no matter what it is. It's  enjoyable for all of us to witness what our fellow members are doing on their lathes.

Thanks again,


email : fglench@cableone.net

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