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The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho

October 15, 2013

Presidents Letter:

Our October meeting demo time was a 2.7 hrs of Sorby Tool products and turning techniques. A lot of new members have not seen a manufacturer presentation and  this was a chance to see how an English company presents it's products to the American woodturner. This year has been kind of a quiet year on new Sorby tools  that we can't do without, so for some it was a repeat of previous years. Sorby has good tools and Woodcraft considers them a quality  manufacturer.

Our September meeting was the annual picnic at Ron and Linda Lee's home. We have some pictures on the web site under local events.  Be sure to refresh your computer to bring up the latest info on our web site. We had about 50-60 turners and woodworkers show up and all had a good time with music, eating, turning and wood raffle. The wood was supplied by Northwest figured wood from Oregon.  Woodcraft is stocking their products now and they are nice people to work with.

Thanks to Ron and his wonderful spouse.

New members are joining our club on a regular basis and some older members are missing some meetings. If we know of any members that are ill or having problems, I would like knowing about them. I visited Lyle Mettler from Emmett a couple times in the past month and he may try to start coming to the meetings again. Lyle was one of the beginning members and was hit with cancer and has had his challenges.  He gave me  12 bowls for the Food Bank drive. Our latest new member Richard Ray bought an extra lathe that Lyle had and he is now ready to go.

Kevin Johnson made a long term commitment to turning and received his Robust American Beauty recently. Kevin has a Vega bowl lathe for sale now, so this a great chance to have a top level large lathe for a great price.  Call Kevin and discuss it with him.

Gary Smith still has his large Delta for sale also.

We had a board meeting on October 8th and discussed the web site, newsletter, club directory and Saturday study sessions and other items for the benefit of the club.  We need more club member participation in all these projects to continue them and keep them viable. Don Thompson our newsletter and directory lead person in 2013 has moved from this area, hopefully only temporarily, but we now need members to step up and keep our club rolling along.  This past week two members Gary Newby and Dan Kunz volunteered to help on the directory.  Thanks to both of you.

We have the Turning For The Troops coming up on Saturday November 9th and those not familiar, the total club turns out with about 25 lathes if they have mini's, to turn pen blanks that have been prepared with brass and ready to turn, assemble, package. We are sending these to our service members protecting our country mainly serving overseas.
Steve Young
heads this project up and has it organized to a fine point. Contact Steve (602 1662) and let him know what you can bring or what you can do to support this project. Lunch is furnished by Woodcraft and this takes place at Woodcraft.  Some members have taken home,  25 to 200 pens to turn prior to the 9th  so our assemblers have pens to start with at 8:00am. We turn about 1000-1200 pens a year for this project and usually are finished by 3 to 4:00pm.  The Magic Valley Turning Club is also very supportive of this effort and works with us. If you can't turn there are many other tasks that can support this effort.   See you on Saturday the 9th.

John Pickerell led our September Study session with a spinning top study and instruction.  It was received very well and tops start showing up at our show and tell the next month. Thanks John for you're time and dedication to the club. If Your interested in turning tops get with John or Nick Peterson as both of these members have taken tops to a high level of design and material types.

On October 12th we had bowl/ tool technique  turning session at our study session.  We started out with a  CD by David Ellsworth.  The techniques shown in the CD were used and/or attempted, and we had a great day together. Some pieces were  turned so well that they could start sanding the piece with 320 sandpaper.  Hopefully each member will bring their completed piece to the November 12th meeting so we can get pictures and discuss the Saturday session.  This was a very enjoyable day for Steve and myself to witness a free in-house club function go this well. Because the class was full, several members came and just watched the CD.

The Ellsworth tape used for this session will be in our library for members  to check out  but I would highly recommend buying one as it is great reference material and reminder information to refresh yourself every few months.
We will also be adding Lyle Jamison's CD's on bowl and hollow form turning. Check out both these guys on You-Tube and I think you will want these tapes for your own library.

We had nomination of officers (president and board) for the 2014 year at our October meeting. The existing 2013 officers were nominated and seconded for the 2014  year.  No other members were nominated.  The nominations are open until November 8th  and those nominated up to that date will be on the ballot.  If you want to serve on the board or as president or have the permission of another member, please submit yours or the member,s  name and it will be placed on the ballot up to November 8th 2013.

These submissions received up to November 8th should be made to Susan McCoy, our club Secretary.

Remember the Artistry in Wood Show coming up in February. Get with Rich Froehlich to help support in any way you can. We need turning for raffle prizes, banquet auction and silent auction along with support people. Each one of us fit into one or all of these needs, so do a little soul searching and stand up for the turning world in Idaho.
Study the 2014 registration form as changes have been made to make it easier to enter your own turnings for competition.

The Christmas party will be coming up in December and we will repeat what we've had in the past as it's been fun for so many years. Start thinking about your gift for the gift exchange as this is always a hoot and full of laughs. We combine clubs (turners and woodworkers) so you may get a John Lee box, a Steve Young goblet or if your real lucky,  a Rich Froehlich pen or a John Pickerell top. There are guys that make guitars but can't remember any of these as gifts from the past.
A couple years ago I got a screwdriver with a nicely turned handle and I'm still using and admiring it. So make something at the turning level you are at today and it will be warmly appreciated.  

Ideas are great, but execution of the idea is what is important.

Any ideas for improvement of the club is always welcome.

Frank Lench      208.939.3089
email : fglench@cableone.net

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