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The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho

December, 2013

Presidents Letter: 

We had our annual Christmas Party on December 10th and it was a very nice evening with members from both clubs.(Turners and Woodworkers). The gifts were a high quality and I thought after I got home that I wished had taken a picture of all of the gifts for the record.  Will take pictures of gifts next year.

Many members went out of their way to make this a special get together and I think I can speak for all of us that we sure appreciate Trudy and all the members that supported her in preparing all the food and bringing this all to together in such a nice fashion.

Brian headed the gift exchange and I thank you for that too.

John Pickerell added his touch which made the evening special.

The club had an election of officers in November and the total 2013 board was reelected for 2014. I will change 50% of the advisory committee in an attempt to bring new ideas for improvement of the club for 2014.  We will have a board meeting before the January general meeting and will be able to report on any new plans for 2014.

At this time we have not received any notice of rate change on the liability insurance for 2014 so our budget can only reflect to 2013 rate.

Trudy will present the annual budget for 2014 at our January meeting.

If any member has ideas or wants for the club, call one of the four board members and express you thoughts so it can be brought up at our board meetings. We want to meet the needs of all members if we can, but need to know whats on your mind.

The new  monthly study turning sessions have been a success this year and most all sessions had the maximum number of members for the available lathes.
It seems more members are coming out each month and we have had more members wanting to attend than we've been able to accommodate over the last two months.
For this program to have any life over a period of time, it's going to take more members willing to help with these sessions and give to new members your knowledge of anything you do with wood turning. It's obvious that we are shorting the learning curve  of some turners that have joined us over the last two years. It's quite gratifying to witness the increased tool skill level that attendees have attained because of the study sessions.
Steve and I are open to suggestions on how we can make improvements this coming year. 21 different members have been involved in this year's  sessions.

Our next study session will be January 11, 2014. I've had request for a miniature wood turning session and the tools required to do this work.  Most tools, for  minature and small work  are custom made by the turner or other turners selling special tools. There will be tools available at Woodcraft or tools Steve and I have built. This session will encompass wood and acrylic/resin turning and making of the small tools required. More information will be forthcoming on the web site. This will be another fun session and great for members with small lathes.

The Turning for Troops program made 1320 pens this year, which gets us to +11,000 total over the past 10 years.  It is now decided that we will turn next year and than see how the US Troops involvement will be and over the years to come. Thanks Steve, for all your endurance in keeping this a viable club program.

Club dues will be due January 1st    so send your dues in by check or pay at the January meeting.  The directory can be printed with a lot more efficiency and less work for your fellow members taking care of the directory if you get your dues in and make sure Gary Newby,  Don Thompson or Dan Kunz have a picture for the directory. We can use last years picture except for those with a blank spot in the directory or need for new member pics.. Send dues check to

Trudy Webb
5331 Old Sullivan Lane
Homedale ID  83628

Our next important turning event will be The Artistry in Wood  show on February 22nd and 23rd.
Read the changes made for the show and make some extra pieces for the raffle, Silent Auction and the Banquet. Gary Smith, one of our originator’s of the club will be our turning judge this year. Last year the AIW show gave us a $750.00 gift/reward for our participation in the show. All club members should feel some obligation to participate and/or enter a piece in this event for this fine reward to the club.

Next Saturday study session will be on January 11, 2014 

Next General meeting  will be on January 14th 2014.  9:00 am. 

Any ideas for improvement of the club is always welcome.

Frank Lench      208.939.3089
email : fglench@cableone.net

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