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Letters From the President

The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho
April 6, 2012

Presidents Letter:

It's spring and the competition between spring clean-up and wood turning is now in full focus. So far the rain and a little chill (excuse #1) has kept me at the lathe, but soon the time will come when the lawn and weeds will win out.

I had a pleasant month with several club members visiting me and sitting around the studio talking turning and club activities. Some even took home turnings and wood.

Any club members are welcome to drop by for a few hours so we all can get better acquainted. Give me a call ahead of time to make sure I'll be around.

I've got some other responsibilities on Tuesday with my church that have come up suddenly so I will miss the Tuesday night meetings. Susan will chair both board and general meeting, so as planned, with great people to back each other up, all is well and in great hands.

Rich Froehlich will be demo-ing at 6:30 pm and  Steve Young wants to share some thoughts he has for all of us.

From the feed back I've gotten, the raffle wood has been received well from members.
One thing we should change though is bringing  the wood into Woodcraft Store. Monte has had previous experience with creatures being carried in on the wood and than infesting his wood supply. So I would suggest we should keep the wood outside behind the building and figure out away to call the numbers out back and pick it up there.  Talk about that at the meeting and see what we come with.
Since spring is here the opportunity to get trees should increase and wet wood turning is fun and economical.

If your planning on going to the Utah symposium in May you have to get your registration in by the end of April for the discount price. Let me know if you going and we will arrange a get together one evening for our club members. If anyone is not familiar with it, talk to Steve Young or Susan this coming Tuesday and they can give the lowdown on it and what happens.

You still have time to make a challenge piece for Tuesday if you haven’t yet, Egg for beginners and 12” long goblet for advanced.

We have not yet got the books and tapes organized for meeting viewing and sign-out, but be patient.

We should have wood for those of you that want to make a turning of your choice and return it to the next meeting. Lets get started on this and it may turn out to be good for the club. Remember it's not a contest just a piece to express what you like to turn.
Beginners should take advantage of this also. Any of you that get wood this month and want to turn it at my shop with me,  just let me know.

For next months meeting (May) I would like to have a short demo, (+- 20 minutes ) some instruction from a professional turner DVD (+- 15 minutes ) than a general club discussion with the board and advisory committee on turning info and items that are for the good of the club and our turning.

Lets all remember that before we leave after the meeting that we clean everything up and don't cause Monte to have clean-up expense from our meeting. Lets never forget the reasonable rate we pay for a meeting place.

Remember to check in and get your name tag and leave it when the evening is over.

Bring some wood for the wood raffle.

See you in May if not before.

Frank Lench
208 939 3089
email : fglench@cableone.net

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