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The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho

April 15, 2013

Presidents Letter:

I'm a little late this month on putting some words to what's been going on with the club and members. But late should be better than __________.

We had a good April 6th Saturday study session. We made some 3 piece candle sticks and everyone went home tired, but with turnings in different stages of completion. A lot of good ideas were exchanged.
We are having mostly repeat turners showing up for each study session. I'm definitely not getting overwhelmed with advance calls wanting to participate.  I would sure appreciate some feed back on what it would take to get the remaining 98% of our membership willing to spend a Saturday turning together.  Steve Young and I have taken one Saturday every month to put this together with presenters like Brian and Micheal. It also takes several hours of preparation prior to Saturday to bring something like this together.
Let me know, more advanced, less advanced, other things are more important than giving up a Saturday, tentative about whether your not good enough or is this below your turning needs.
We can have two 4 hr sessions, we can have some instruction and demo only sessions, it's up to you and what you need to upgrade your turning experience and get some return for the investment we all have in tools, time, equipment and to satisfy our creative and intuitive needs.

We want to thank George  for an informative membership  demo on the 9th. We can all get a lesson on innovation of tools and process from George and the serious time frame approach to turning he takes along with the pleasure of working with wood.
George also had a good handout.  Thanks again George.

Steve Young did a nice club demo at Woodcraft on Saturday the 13th He did a candle stick for a large candle. Steve added some multi axis lines to the piece and it added some real interest to it.  Thanks Steve.

Our next Saturday study will be on May 11th at 9:00am. The plan is to turn a bowl from a ½ log piece.  The ½ log will be furnished.
There's a lot to learn when approaching a bowl turning from a basic log. Watch the web site for more details.

Our next general meeting will be May 14th.   Please bring any show and tell you may have and would like to share.

Our club directory will go to print on about the 22nd of this month. This task is a don ting  undertaking for a club like ours to undertake, and please give Don Thompson a big thank you when you see him. Don will be traveling for a couple months this summer, so our newsletter will be on hold for the summer unless someone will step up and fill in.

The bowls that were turned and given to Tom Turco were really appreciated by Tom and the people putting together that worthy event. I'll attach with this, a note sent by Tom.
This is one way we can give back to our community and help young people that have lives that are just overwhelming difficult.  A special thanks to  those that contributed  pieces and I know some members gave more than one or two. As a club we should be proud and remember when next year comes around that we can make a difference.

We are in the process with the other craft clubs that meet at Woodcraft to purchase better and more stable chairs for our general meetings. The plastic composite chairs we have are slowly fatiguing and could be a accident ready to happen. So until we get agreement to joint purchase these chairs from all clubs, try to remember not to lean back on the back two legs with these plastic chairs.

The Utah Woodturning Symposium is coming up on May 16-18th in Orem Utah.
If you can attend this, it is worth the time and $$, especially as beginner thru advance turner.   Some of our members are attending,  and sharing travel and board is a possibility.
Let me know if you need any help or advise on this.

If anyone needs direction on gathering or getting some green wood for turning let me know. If you know of some free wood that a friend or neighbor has that can be used by club members, get together with me and see if there's away to rescue it.

One of our members has a portable saw mill and large truck/trailer unit and we may be able to supply our members with some good wood at a very economical price.

Remember: Seven days  without turning  is weak.

Frank Lench
email : fglench@cableone.net

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