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The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho
June 7, 2012

Presidents Letter:

With all the activities of Idaho summers and traveling I hope some of you are finding time to turn your favorite pieces. Please bring what your working on Tuesday the 12th to our meeting and share it  with all of us.

The Utah Turning Symposium was last month and four members from our club attended the 4 day event, Susan,Trudy, Steve and myself. I had been to previous events and I enjoyed this one the most. The quality, and beauty of the work displayed was just outstanding. The wood turning world is moving and/or advancing way beyond functional bowls and vases to complicated sculptured and artistic pieces with texture and carving. Form and finish still rein over the most fancy pieces though in my opinion.

I'll attach a few pictures from the show now and will put together a disc of about 150-200 for our July meeting.  Each person attending the show can express what they brought back from the 4 days at the meeting on the 12th.

I have harvested some Box Elder and will bring some for raffling on the 12th. I have not been able to get much box elder over the last 8 to 10 years and want to share some of this with the club members who want some or like it.

If anyone turned any thing from the maple or willow from last month, please bring it in.
I have more of the willow and will bring it also.

Jerry Wagner will be demonstrating on the 12th on his handled vases. Jerry has his method worked out really well and this should be a real informative presentation. I plan on building some handled cups after I hear him again and get refreshed with his sequence of turning and glue up.

Next month Gary Smith will be doing the turning demo. More on that later.

If anyone has a Henry Taylor “ELF”  texturing tool, would you bring it on Tuesday for discussion.
Trudy and Lyn have organized the library and will present the way they want to have the members take advantage of the products we have.

When I was in Utah at the symposium I talked with several demonstrators about coming to Boise and demonstrating for our club. I want to bring in what the majority of the members want and need, so think about this and lets have a discussion on Tuesday.

Thanks again,

email : fglench@cableone.net

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