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The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho

July 8, 2013

Presidents Letter:

This will be the July letter to members.

The June 22 nd  Saturday study session was bowl turning and  some good information and bowls came out of the time spent.  Hopefully  a good display of bowls will be in the show and tell on Tuesday from the 22nd and other members  completed or work in progress pieces.

For July 13 the study session, we plan to do cups/goblet turning. These have several different techniques and challenges depending on how complicated you get. Look for more details under the events page on the web site. One opening left for the 13th.

 Keep in mind, these Saturday study session are for members to improve your skills in wood turning. You can spend what ever time you want with us, turn or just listen and watch others turn. We normally have discussions to start with than try our hands at turning.  We have had people at each session that have just listened and visited and some that really want to turn. We have to know if your going to turn so we can reserve a lathe for you.

Rich Froehlich made a nice demo/presentation on bracelet making on the lathe for our meeting demo last month on the June 11th.

Jon Gurnett will being doing the demo this month, He calls it a spindle platter. Looking forward to this.

For those of you who read the AAW forum site, will know there has been some serious injuries around the country to turner's who's wood has come off  the lathe and did damage to the turner and surroundings.  We have a dangerous hobby and we should not let ourselves relax because nothing has ever happened to you and me.
Please wear you safety gear and stay out of the red zone.  Anybody that wants to discuss safety precautions at the meeting, please ask any questions you have.

It looks like we will have some of our replacement meeting chairs for the August meeting.

Herb Pollard won the bowl last month, turned by Rich, (lucky guy to get RF piece ) so this month we get treated by one of Herb's pieces.

We welcome Dan Kunz a member

September 14th will be a summer picnic at Ron Lee's home.  Suggestions for a contest   or turning exercise for the picnic is welcome.

Bring some turning that your working on to the July meeting and share what's going on with you, and your lathe.

I was reading this pass month about several long time wood turners from the past and present and came across some thoughts written by David Ellsworth  I want to pass on.
He said:
It's the ultimate in the beauty of people brave enough to play with their skills and take a chance, not because it's right or wrong or good or bad, but because it's a challenge to fully express what we feel when we're making something,and definitely because it just feels good.

It's something to ponder when we view other members work that we see the person in the piece and not primarily if it has been sanded perfectly or if you like the shape etc.
We are all at different stages of turning and our work has nothing to do with the piece sitting next to it on the table. In our competitive world, it's hard not to compare or make judgments against some standard.  Keeping one or two of your turnings a year, and comparing them each year with the previous years is good way for me to get that “just feels good feeling”.

Any ideas for improvement of the club is always welcome. Also if please let me know if any of our members are hospitalized or have serious ailments.

See you all on July 9th  at 6:30 pm.

Bring something your working on.

Frank Lench      208.939.3089
email : fglench@cableone.net

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