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The Treasure Valley Woodturner's Club
Boise Idaho

August 1, 2013

Presidents Letter:

The August 10,  Saturday study session will be John Pickrell showing  how to make  different spinning tops. This is a chance to spend a day learning about tops and making a special top for a gift or show item.  Steve Young will be assisting John and it should be a great day for everyone. Call John or Steve and make reservations, so they know what to plan for.  The normal spindle gouge, parting tool, roughing gouge and items we normally use will be yours to bring. Since these use a small amount of wood bring what you want or buy some small pieces from Woodcraft.

The July 13 the goblet study session, finished up really nice and some good looking pieces were taken home. It was one of our best Saturday's  we've had.

 Keep in mind, these Saturday study session are for members to improve your skills in wood turning. You can spend what ever time you want with us, turn or just listen and watch others turn. We normally have discussions to start with than try our hands at turning.  We have had people at each session that have just listened and visited and some that really want to turn. We have to know if your going to turn so we can reserve a lathe for you.

Jon Gurnett did a great meeting demo for our July get-together. He called it a spindle platter.  We have a real gem member and turner in John and would appreciate watching more of his projects.

Our new chairs are at Woodcraft  and can be put into use at this meeting. They are joint property of Woodcraft, our turner group, the woodworkers, gourd club, carvers club and the scrollers. It was special for all our clubs to see Monte step up and put $$$ in for them too.  Thank him when you see him.

September 14th will be a summer picnic at Ron Lee's home.  More information will be emailed out in time to make more detailed plans on food etc.

Bring some turning that your working on to the August Mtg and share what's going on with you, and your lathe.

I'm leaving for Colorado for a couple weeks tomorrow, so I'll see at the picnic in September.

Any ideas for improvement of the club is always welcome. Also if please let me know if any of our members are hospitalized or have serious ailments.

Our next meeting will be at 6:30pm on August 13. Brian will be setting in for me.

Again bring something your working on.

Frank Lench      208.939.3089
email : fglench@cableone.net

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