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June 22nd 9:00 AM

June Turning Study Session

June 22nd at 9:00am at Woodcraft we will have a study session on bowl  design, roughing out, chuck holding, turning, cleaning out interior and chuck jam chucking and cleaning up base.

For those who have not turned a bowl, or want to improve your bowl turning techniques, we will try to make this a session a good use of your time.

Basic Idea of this Class

There is no complex philosophy attached to bowl turning.
We will try to achieve a form with the best possible curves expressed in simple uncluttered shapes that will expose the beauty of the wood to it's fullest and allow the turner to express his or her own personality.

There are many ways to approaching and turning a bowl, whether it's functional or decorative.
Bring some of your bowls to the session if you have turned any so we can understand the way you presently like a bowl to look or where your turning experience has taken you.

For those that have turned a lot of bowls, we will have a discussion on wood defects, discoloration and grain patterns so as to improve your finished piece.

I plan to bring pieces of silver maple for everyone who wants to use it.   Please bring your own wood if you have a piece you would rather spend your time and effort on. We will try to keep the bowl diameter down to 6-8 inches finished so the smaller lathes work well with this session.

Tools needed will be:

bowl gouges 3/8 an1/2 in.,
spindle gouge 3/8 in
parting tool
round nose scrapers
chucks and jaws you like to work with.
3 lathes are 1 ¼ spindle and two with 1in. spindles
ruler and/or calipers
face mask
center punch
any favorite tool you prefer using

Some conditions of study group:

Members only
Free of charge
You furnish everything except lathe, sharpening grinder and bandsaw.
You can turn anything you want.
Your own style and design is encouraged.
Lunch or drinks are your responsibility
We start at 9 am and try to finish by 4pm.
Help cleanup when were finished.

This is a first come first serve basis and if you have attended other sessions don't worry about repeating or going to every session. The sooner we know who's attending the more organized the session will be.

Please call now and and plan on spending some time with other members who have the same passion for wood and improvement in turning.

Frank 939-3089         Email: fglench@cableone.net