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Our study this month will be a turned bird house that you can hang somewhere in  your yard and give a bird family a safe spring home.

Brian is going to lead the day of study with what ever assistance Steve and I can give. This a chance to make a real woodturners piece to standout in your yard or patio.

Brian has suggested the following tools and supplies:

Chuck w/worm screw
(available lathes at woodcraft are both 1” and 1.25 spindles bring adapters if you have them)
50 mm jaws for chuck
drill bit for worm screw
1 or 1-1/8 inch forester bit
3/16  brad point drill bit
Jacobs chuck
sand paper
finish of your choice.
your own safety equipment (face masks are requested) but your safety is your responsibility.

Roughing gouge
bowl gouge
spindle gouge
parting tool
hollowing tools that you like or easy tool with different cutters for hollowing.
With long enough shaft to reach 6 to 8". Note: House body can be made in two pieces if your limited on tools or your style of bird house better fits a 2 piece concept.   (tools are available at Woodcraft for purchase)
Ruler and thickness calipers.

Bring or buy wood at woodcraft that will give you a  +- 4” inside diameter and maximum of 8” in height. Woodcraft has some silver maple in stock that can handle this.

Roof top will be about 2” larger diameter and can be ¾ inch thick or more.

The finials will be made from smaller pieces of your choice.

Finish it off with a screw eye and bring some small wood screws to attach roof to body or pins of your own innovation.

The lathes available are 2- nova DVR's, 1 large power matic, 1 delta midi and one jet mini w/ variable speed.
You're welcome to bring your own mini if you want and it is appreciated.

Some conditions of study group:

Members only
Free of charge
You furnish everything except lathe, sharpening grinder and bandsaw.
You can turn anything you want.
Your own style and design of bird house is encouraged.
Lunch or drinks are your responsibility
We start at 9 am and try to finish by 4pm.
Help cleanup when were finished.

Brian has turned an example of where we're going with this and other designs will be discussed on Saturday.

Also find a flat board bird house construction plan....

This gives certain recommended measurements for an effective bird home.  Please do a little research on this so your time and effort in making this will be rewarding.
Take these as recommendations and not mandatory measurements.

Any questions, just call me. I'm in my shop most all the time. 

Frank -- 939 3089    E mail: fglench@cableone.net