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May 11th 9:00 AM

May Turning Study Session

May 11th at 9:00am at Woodcraft we will have a study session on bowl coring with a McNaughton Bowl saver, than turning the cored bowls
after that.

Aaron Cornell, a SWIWTA member has cored many bowls with this bowl saver and wants to show the membership how he does it.
This should be good class for those thinking about buying a set-up or have one and need some help. If you have a bowl saver of any kind bring it to the class so we can all see it.
Just witnessing how one works should be worth your time.
Time permitting study on roughing out a cored bowl will come next.

Bowl turning cores will be from 6 to 12 inch diameter core
The wood will be furnished at no cost and will be green and partially wet.
It is a chance for those attending to get ideas and maybe give some
ideas on successful green turning.
A list of tools and equipment will be listed on the local events page of
this web site.

We have 5 lathes available and will limit the hands-on to that many.
Please sign up early so we can plan for wood and examples needed.

More detail on green bowl turning will be presented soon.

Frank 939-3089         Email: fglench@cableone.net