Our Summer Visitor(s)
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We kept the enclosure in the garage over the winter and brought it out to a mostly shady spot in early June.
Then about mid-day on July 2, 2011 - we looked out and saw many, many, many teeny tiny mantises crawling around on the screen. They were so cute!


One egg case was hatching as we watched and there were little nymphs everywhere. They were about 1/4 inch long (or less), yet perfectly shaped little mantises.


The picture above and the three below show nymphs crawling out of the first egg case.  We were surprised by how fuzzy the case got where they had squeezed out.





July 5, 2011

On the day of the first hatching we had placed the cage right up against the screen with twigs that they could crawl out on and they did, one after the other. We had the 4th of July picnic here yet nothing seemed to disturb any remaining little mantises. Then, the day after the 4th we glanced out and saw this cute little frog who had been feasting on little nymphs!

We removed him right away and let him loose on the lawn. Then we took two of the 3 remaining egg cases and put them out on the berm with all the weeds and trees so they could hatch there. The last case we placed in the same bush that we had put the Mom's body under last fall.  

We'll see what happens...    

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