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August 6 - 9, 2003


The last few days the roofers have been working on the roof, and it's looking great! We are really happy we decided to go with the copper.


A quick roofing conference....






Above left - A cell phone call up on the roof.
Below - Goober patiently waits for some playtime with his owner.




On Wednesday the cabinets arrived. Unfortunately the person who delivered them was not pleased that the painters had the baseboards laid out to dry in his way and carelessly moved them into a pile where several were broken or scratched (below). Then he became really angry at us when we were upset about it! We didn't know he was coming then or we would have already moved the trim out of the way.
That same day, we learned that the vinyl we had picked out 2 months ago had been sold and would take 2 weeks to get more in. So we went down on Friday to pick out an alternate vinyl they might have in stock, and learned our carpet had been sold as well! We may have to use a different carpet now too, but we'll see how it all resolves next week.




Also on Friday we met Ray who will be building the stair railing and half wall caps. Here he's milling some of the oak he'll be using.
We also submitted our plans to several building supply companies for a bid on the materials we will need for the deck.


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