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September 10, 2003
(Day 116 Since Excavating the Foundation)



Wednesday -
The Qwest subcontractors arrived this morning to finish laying in the phone line from the end of the trench (by the transformer) to the house.




Below - Now they just have to install the box on the house to completely connect the line to the existing phone lines that were previously installed inside the house.





Also on Wednesday...
Mike Fletcher came in to uncover the septic lines from the house to the septic tank so the plumbing inspector can check the integrity of the lines. He will then be able to issue the final plumbing permit that he couldn't sign on last Friday. We are expecting him to come by on Thursday after which Mike F. will come back to re-cover all the lines and prepare the area in front of the garage for the concrete crew to pour the apron. He also brought a nice load of lava rocks for the inner part of the circle driveway and will help position those tomorrow as well.
Below - Part of the inspection requires Mike to close off the line at the septic tank entrance and fill the line full of water to the top of the cleanout pipe. (below right shows water level with the top off in preparation for the inspection)


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