Page Thirty-One
June 6, 2003   (still the same day...)

Mike F. also put the culverts into the driveway today. He dug out three trenches to place 3 different sized culverts in - one 8" nearest the house, one 10" about halfway and one 12" closest to the street. Most of these images were taken while he was working on the 12" culvert.




Here they are carrying the awkward and heavy culvert into place. Then they checked it to make sure it was perfectly level.
Bottom right - Mike gives the"It's good!" sign.




Here they are burying the last culvert before working on the road a bit more. In no time they had the driveway looking great with some nice built up sides in preparation for the gravel to be brought in on Monday.


Above right - 12" culvert from the side.
Below - driveway looking from Bott Lane toward the new house.



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