Page Thirty-Seven
June 10, 2003

At the same time the framers were hanging joists and working on the floor, Hawaii Concrete arrived to do the flatwork on the front porch and back patio.


Here they are digging the footings for the thickened edge on the back patio. (above left)


Above left shows the rebar they installed to tie the porch to the foundation. They did the same thing on the back patio.






You can see some of the rebar in the back patio (top left), and top right, they are floating the back patio smooth.




Below left shows the excellent way they adapted to having to bring the front of the patio edge out an additional 6 inches to cover the porch post footing. The leading edge was formed at a 45 degree angle from the garage. Both images below show how good the finished edges look.



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