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May 23, 2003 (morning)

     Friday morning Idaho Power came by to drop off the transformer, wire and most of the equipment they would need to hook up the service next Wednesday. Also that morning, Mike Fletcher came in and worked for a couple of hours on the driveway using some of the dirt that was brought in yesterday to fill in some gaps. And while all that was going on, Ryan Lowe Construction guys arrived and started building the tall forms on the foundation footings for the stem walls. Didn't take them long at all before they had some great looking forms up and the cement trucks came in to start filling them up. They put in all the foundation vents, tie-down straps and anchor bolts - then they were gone. Everything looked good except we were a bit concerned that they neglected to do the build-outs where the cultured stone will go and they misplaced a central bearing footing for the upstairs. Mike Kenley checked it out though, and said that it should be a pretty easy fix.



Idaho Power Company delivering and unloading their equipment.





These images show the guys setting up the stem wall forms before the concrete trucks arrive.





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