Page Twenty-Seven
June 5, 2003

These images (above) show the drain field trenches after Mike F. spread out the hay over the sand & gravel fill.
Below shows the area after he backfilled the trenches. You can hardly tell that the ground was so dug up. The only unburied area now is a small section over the septic tank where an access collar will be installed later.


The photo below is a good view of the backfilled area and the patio section behind the garage. The patio, front porch and garage areas look really nice in preparation for the flatwork that is scheduled for Friday.





This set of photos show the tube that will be filled with concrete tomorrow for the front porch post footing.





The image on the right shows Chance, (Mike F.'s dog) patiently watching him work.
Notice how perfect the truck fits in the garage area...


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