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     On May 1, 2003 we met again with our financier to turn in the final cost breakdown and a copy of the contract between us and Mike Kenley (our builder). Then we all went down together to begin the permit process at the local planning and zoning office. Our first step would be to acquire a Temporary Living Quarters Permit that would allow us to live in our existing house while we were building the new house. However, we ran into a little snafu when we were told that it would take four weeks before that permit could even be issued, which would in turn hold up the building permit! After some discussion we were informed that we could solve the problem by simply removing the stove from our kitchen. Then we could comply with their description of not having kitchen facilities. Oh well, if that's what it takes I guess! So we agreed to remove our stove and pay the $45.00 for the one time inspection to prove that the stove had indeed been removed. Then it was time to move on to the Building Permit application which we learned would take about two weeks to be approved. So we filled out all the forms, left two sets of plans, engineering sheets, $270.00 and we were all on our way to the County Health Department to apply for the Septic System Permits! More forms, another set of plans, $315.00  more and we were finally done for the day.
     The following day we had the engineer out from Idaho Power to discuss running the new power service underground alongside the driveway. He looked the situation over, asked for $288.00, and informed us we would hear from him soon with the total cost for running the line. Then we figured we might as well head down to ACHD to inquire about whether we would need to pay any impact fees for the new driveway. We had assumed none would be due since my grandparents had owned the property since 1946, but guess what! Another $728.00 and we were out the door!
     Meanwhile dirt continued to arrive and Mike Fletcher came by regularly to artfully shape it into the driveway.



Work begins in earnest on the new driveway.



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