Original Plan Set Elevation
Designed by: Computerized Drafting Services, Inc.
Owners: Micheal and Marleen Kingsley

This image was taken from the cover sheet of our plan set showing the proposed front elevation.

General Information

     We began with the financing process on March 11, 2003 and started drawing up our plans right away. The design process didn't take long since we already had a good idea of what we wanted, so we had a rough set ready in about two weeks. Our main concern was keeping the square footage down to stay within our budget, yet still allow a separate room (with its own entrance & facilities) large enough to be our office.
     Overall we wanted the house to be around 2000 sq. ft. with a 3/12 pitch metal roof and Hardi-board siding to stand up against sun damage. It is being built on a completely undeveloped area with no trees or landscaping present and will have some pretty extreme southern exposure, at least until we can get some trees growing for shade. We first chose a pale blue for the house and darker blue for the roof and trim, but later changed our minds when the roof we had selected would take too long to arrive. We looked at some of the samples available and both immediately fell in love with a beautiful copper color, so now we'll be using a light beige for the house, dark brick red for the trim and copper for the roof. Site work included creating a 500 ft. long circle driveway 16-20 ft. wide, digging a 170 ft. deep well, laying in the septic system, acquiring all permits and excavating the foundation. During the construction phase we also had to run all the power, cable & phone lines. 

Floor Plans

   Downstairs we wanted an open kitchen/dining room area with a glass door out to the patio and plenty of windows to take advantage of the sunny southern view. It will be near the doorway coming in from the garage and have plenty of counter space and cupboards. The living room will have eighteen 2 X 3 windows south & west to allow plenty of light and some great views of the sunsets. The guest bedroom will double as a conference room if needed and also be the music room. The office will have its own entrance as well as a pocket door access for us that can easily be closed off from the rest of the house.

first floor

     We wanted the upstairs lofted with a half wall overlooking the downstairs living room and entry way. The master bedroom will have a sliding glass door out to the second-story deck and a walk-in closet on the east side of the room with a small window to let in the morning sun. The master bathroom will be off the bedroom with both shower and garden tub. We also decided to put the laundry room upstairs (since that's where the clothes are) as well our library/exercise room with a big window overlooking the front entry to the house.

upper floor

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