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May 29 2003 (morning)


Idaho Power arrived early on Thursday and set up signs and a flagman on Bott Lane. Very exciting for our quiet little dead end street.


They dug holes on both sides of the street, then assembled their "Thumper Bore" to work its way under the road.





The left photo in this set shows the line powering the bore, while the one on the right shows the guys getting ready on the other side.




Waiting.... Waiting....


It  finally thumped its way all the way across and under the street. You could really feel it working underneath the road if you stood on the pavement above it.
(Below) When we last saw the power guys for that day, they were busy trying to figure out how they were going to get their bore machine out. It was definitely stuck! Later they were gone so I guess they finally got it.


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