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Ambient US
- Review by Dodds Wiley
September 25, 2003

Richard Bone

      Richard Bone is an accomplished artist who is able to move effortlessly amongst a variety of styles. This disc showcases his more rhythmic work in a jazzy "electronic bossanova" style, bringing many diverse elements together. "Elutherium", the first track is a bouncy electro rhythm with jazzy synth, flutes and monastic chants drifting in and out. Next is "The House That Cugat Built", with electronic piano strutting with synth trumpet and some well done electronic percussion. The third track "One For The Grooveyard" has an electro swing rhythm section anchoring the tune, with some bongo sounds as a piano and e-horns swagger about. "Cava Negra" is next, a gentle reflective tune with sweet strings and synths over some slowly percolating percussion. The lovely "Sephira Pearl " follows, with a piano melody soloing over a floating drum section. Track 6, "Waters Of Assiyah" [alternate version], is a captivating piano melody over a relaxed groove with some smooth drum sounds. Mellow synth and bell like sounds drifting in and out of the background complete the enchantment. "Ariel Dane And The Seraphim Swing" [alternate version] comes next, with calliope bell like sounds as a piano melody wanders over a downtempo rhythm. After that is Track 8, "By Seraphis Bay ",  a suave piano jazz romp with synth trumpet over a silky latin beat. The final track, "New Guru In Town" features sleek trumpet and string sounds with a funky uptempo rhythm section.

      Although it's a collection of rare, unreleased and alternate tracks, this disc hangs together as a cohesive whole. It's packaged with beautiful graphic design by Cameron Akhunaton [of ambient.us!]. The remarkable sound textures and intricacies of each composition stimulate the listener and the production is excellent. It's wonderful music for listening, chilling out or relaxing, but it makes the listener move as well. Such is the amazing and sometimes playful genius of Richard Bone. Music samples and ordering at www.spiralight.com.

reviewed by Dodds Wiley