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Quirkworks is updating its mailing list for future releases. Radio stations, spas, meditation centers, etc. that would like to be added to our promotional mailing list, please send your contact info to: quirkwork@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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Intricate ambient landscapes for your Sonic Imagination

Overall Impression from Radio Airplay:
In the tranquil expanse of ambient electronica, Richard Bone's "Aerosphere (from Phaeton's Bungalow)" emerges as a particularly soothing listening experience, a luminous beacon amidst a sea of sound. This track, bathed in warmth and radiance, invites listeners o a journey of serenity and upliftment. At its core lies some very strong layering, where each element is delicately woven into the fabric of the music, creating a rich tapestry of sound that envelopes the senses. Ethereal pads drift effortlessly alongside gentle percussion while cascading melodies dance like sunlight filtering through a canopy of leaves. The result is a sonic landscape that unfulds with grace and elegance, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its radiant embrace.  Read More

The New Album Now Available!
Here's all the info....


  "Ethereal, beatless ambiance, conjured in the pre-dawn hours when the day was taking  form, when the mind...creating that day...drifted between the real and the surreal.
   Quiet, gentle music for the rising of the new born Star or the setting of the waning Moon. "Hermetic Embers" is simply the sound of Peace."

Here's the link to order, cover art and the track list:  

  - released 9/1/22

 Richard has a new project! The new songs will fill your heart with love and diversity! This one is called "SOLITUDE & SOLACE" and is really a masterpiece. The digital release is being released first.

Here's the link to order, cover art and the track list:

ELECTROPICA  - Now on cassette!
discover your love of Bossa Nova!"
Tiger Blood Tapes proudly presents for the first time ever on cassette, Richard Bone's 1998 Ambient Electro Jazz album "Electropica!"

click here

Features an unreleased outtake "Cosa Nova".
"Electropica" is part one in a trilogy of Richard Bone's Ambient Electro Bossa Nova albums. The other two are "Coxa" & "Ascensionism" due later this year.

Electropica, Coxa & Ascensionism

Stay tuned for vinyl coming soon!

released March 16, 2022

VALENGRAPH  (sold out)

Richard Bone has a beautiful new album out now! The work is still very much ambient, though it seems the music has something more. Ten peaceful tracks to take you away...

'Pushing the boundaries of ambient music in new directions, Valengraph combines sweeping electronic foundation and mixes them with an assortment of light orchestral instruments, resulting in new meditative vistas and aural stories at once familiar & unknown. As always, headphones are strongly encouraged.'

For a better view of the album, see the track listing or to order, click the

(10 new ambient tracks for these trying times.)
More electronic and somewhat darker in places than previous releases, “Refraction” features the subtle use of sequences to create movement within many of the tracks. Although most tracks are written around beautiful melodies, some more abstract tracks like “The Dome” are more drone based.
However, all the tracks were created to be the gentle soundtrack for meditation, relaxation and journeys of the mind. I hope you will enjoy them.

Here's the tracks and ordering links

(sold out)

"For over a year I've been dilligently working on new music. "Empyrean Castles" is in the mastering stage and will be released on November 11. It features 50 minutes of structured, psychedelic ambience. Recorded and mixed entirely on headphones and is meant to be heard that way. I'll post some of the artwork just as soon as I finish it. I hope those who have supported my music through the years will enjoy "Empyrean Castles" as well. There will be a very limited CD run and on some outlets the digital version will have bonus tracks."
Here it is...


A collection of 8 ambient soundscapes with minimal, if any, percussion. All tracks were written based on intricate yet gentle patterns and were designed to transport the listener to new ‘landscapes of the mind’. Some have a darker tone while others slowly swing open the door to ethereal, immersive vistas.
Anyone familiar with Richard Bone most ambient works will find much to love within “A Garden of Invited Flowers”.

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