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         TIME TRAVEL   
      Treasures From Another Time...

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From the 1982 VHS "Emerging Video" by Merrill Aldighieri & Joe Tripician. Music by Richard Bone. This segment is from Merrill's "Martian Luau" video called "Time Travel."

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Photos, promotional flyers, LP & EP inserts also from the era...
(click any image for a complete expanded view)


Unreleased Bone photo - ca 1979

ca 1979

Bone backstage - ca 1979



ca 1979



The Yellow Hotel in NYC
ca 1974


Richard Bone & The Yellow
Hotel Performance Flyer



"Pirate The Islands" 45 Ad in David Magazine - ca 1979 - Florida

Emerging Video Ad in February 1982 High Times Magazine

Cosmic Flu Flyer (Musical by Shox Choreographer Marilyn Free) - 1980


Promo sheet for "The Beat is Elite"

"Joy of Radiation" Promo Flyer
(Hong Kong)

Promo sheet for "Brave Tales"



Insert for "Quiz Party"


Insert for "Emerging Melodies"



Letter from Richard promoting
"Emerging Melodies" - 1981


"Life in Video City" Review in SYNE Magazine - October 1980


Survival Records Flyers


Test Pressing for
"Pirate The Islands"
ca 1979

Test Pressing for
"The Beat Is Elite"

Promo Copy of "Men With
Secrets"/ "Living In Partytown"




The back of a "Pirate The Islands" copy showing a hand-written
promotional note by Bill Pimm.
Sadly, Bill passed away in 2010.
Cover scan contributed by Janne Slatth.
To all WAXY DJ's - If you like what you hear this is where we're at for whatever
reason you might need to contact us. (We hope you need more copies of
the record for your use) BONE
P.S. Although signed BONE other members of the band do not know you
have this record. I am listed above as guest artists but have since then
become a member of the band.
-Bill Pimm