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Attention Broadcasters:
Quirkworks is updating its mailing list for future releases. Radio stations, spas, meditation centers, etc. that wish to be added to our promotional mailing list, please send your contact info to: quirkwork@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. - rb

NIBIRU: Drones From The 12th Planet  
Seven dark ambient/drone works for contemplation on the next step in human evolution, which is almost upon us.

Exciting news for Richard's ambient music fans! The CD will be available in a matter of days, while the MP3 album is available now. Cover art, track list, ordering and audio links Here.

"... Age of Falconry has a haunting beauty at work on many of its tracks, juxtaposed with a cheery warmth, both elements sitting comfortably next to each other despite their polar opposite natures. It takes a special artist to make this work, but then, this is Mr. Bone we're speaking of, so why am I not surprised?" ... 
Get all the details Here.

"Alien Comic at Club 57"
An 80's film created by
Merrill Aldighieri of a Richard Bone and Tom Murrin performance, along with three other films of hers, will be added to the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. Richard's piece is entitiled "Alien Comic at Club 57".  More info

AERA (sold out)
ERA, a collection of 25 rare and obscure tracks released on a gorgeous  engraved rosewood USB drive - is now available. This sweet package consists of 25 tracks in a VERY limited and numbered edition of 25 only, packaged in a custom metal tin.

The AERA USB contains 2 hours of music in a variety of styles. There are pure ambient tracks (including an outtake from Spectral Ships), rhythmic ambient works and a few tracks from a period when Richard was experimenting with found spoken snippets. The set closes with its only vocal track written for a benefit compilation for Hemp legalization in Maine. So, as you can see, it will be easy to create a sub-folder or CDR with only your favorite tracks. The tracks will be available in .wav and hi quality mp3s.

(SOLD OUT)  Get all the details here.

aera is the archaic version of era. usage example:
The aera of foresight is the aera of imagination, and imagination is the grand instrument of virtue.

A recording of all new material, INVOLUTION v.1
features 10 tracks of Richard's much loved unique melodic style on both rhythmic and less rhythmic tracks. More from RB:

As we grow older, if we are fortunate, we become aware of unseen hands guiding us along our lives. There is simply no other way to explain the wondrous synchronicities of my life. With "Involution" I completely allowed my guides to take primary control. The first thoughts that came to me regarding instruments & melodies are what you hear. I know many of you will understand what I mean, while others will think I am a nut case. You're probably both right! rb

More info can be found 
In Integral Theory, the process by which the Divine manifests the cosmos is called involution.

"The Obtuse Tantrums EP features Richard Bone’s return to his new wave/synthpop roots, where he began his career signed to Survival Records UK in the 1980s. Four newly recorded vocal songs, “17 Delilahs”. “Song For A Tantric Caravan”, “Krishna Town” and “Blind Pope” are released on Quirkworks and the Attractive Co-Ordinates label
. Four upbeat slices of retro synthhpop from an artist who was there the first time."
Vinyl EP or digital, both are available now.... Find out more 
on this page.

Orlandomaniac Music is proud to present a new retrospective album of early synth-pop demo works by Richard Bone, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 'Untold Tales'. This unique selection of 24 fantastic songs written between the years 1978-84, which were never meant to reach the ears of anyone but the composer himself, can now be enjoyed by everyone. The songs were saved and transferred from many long forgotten, fragile reel tapes recently found in Richard's attic. This double vinyl release is pressed in only 300 copies on beautiful red vinyl.
Click here for much more information including an amazing youtube teaser and ordering information! 

German label Vinyl-on-Demand has released in September 2014, a beautiful boxed-set of long out-of-print material Richard created  from 1979 - 1985. The work is entitled "VAULTED VISIONS
- filmworks, synthpop, demos & experiments", and consists of 3 LPs, a bonus 7-track 7", a full lyrics sheet plus a bonus t-shirt for VOD subscribers. This is an amazing collection of Richard's early works! Much more info - tracklist, artwork and links for ordering & samples - can be found here.

Richard’s much anticipated recording - VERTICAL LIFE, released March 2014. This gorgeous full-length CD is filled with 10 mind expanding voyages. Here’s more…

'Featuring ten new meticulously crafted works of 'Surreality', Vertical Life is melodic ambience for contemplation and flying carpets. Without becoming mired in the heavy handed approach so prevalent in the ambient genre, Vertical Life is inspired by the early (the 1960's) and current exploration into the expansion of human consciousness. We stand at the doorway of a new era of infinite possibility, majik and alchemy. Vertical Life is the soundtrack to one of these exploratory journeys. It is best enjoyed under a galaxy of planets and stars, be they real or imagined. And maybe, just maybe, on a flying carpet of your own design!'

More information including track listing, ordering links and artwork can be seen 
on this page.

CRANIUM FIZZ - Richard's first vinyl EP in 30 years
'Cranium Fizz is a 12" vinyl EP that released September 5, 2013. It contains four tracks best descirbed as 'chillout music for mind and feet'. The title track is the most danceable with elements of electronica and jazz sprinkled throughout. Highly rhythmic it is, but it never descends into a tacky homage to disco. Far from it. Bleeps and cranium fizzes are sprinkled atop an electric piano. The piano in turn rocks firmly over solid bass and percussion. The other 3 tracks slow the pace down a bit as they draw the mind into the chillout grooves. The production is clever and, as with all Richard Bone releases, begs to be heard on headphones!' More info here.

- - Older News of Note - -

From AD Music
"Images from a Parallel World" contains creative instrumental music of the highest quality, music without boundaries that shifts with consummate ease from the eclectic and uniquely 'Richard Bone' rhythmic styled musical soundscapes to the ethereal, ambient and electronic for which he is so well known. The 12 tracks cover vastly different moods yet remain cohesive as a 'whole' as he takes the listener on a hugely entertaining voyage through uniquely varied musical worlds."

Released April 26, 2013.
Click here for details.

More from AD Music
Anthology' features 18 carefully selected tracks from Richard's 'Quirkworks' label discography and adds 2 previously unreleased tracks for a comprehensive overview of the artist's unique and varied style. If you're already a fan of Richard Bone then this collection should be in your collection. If you're not, then this is a good place to discover the wonderful musical worlds of Richard Bone.

Download only release from AD Music.
Click here for further details.

Even More From AD Music

AD Music has released their 100th release called "
After Midnight". This various artist compilation consists of previously unreleased tracks written specifically to celebrate the occasion. Richard has contributed the track "Eucalyptico" to the recording. More information including downloading the digital version, samples and CD ordering can be found at the AD Music website.

Richard has an interesting project of all new material now available. The album "XesseX", recorded over a  two year period, is available both on CD and digitally.... and has the very intriguing fact that much more than just the album's title involves palindromes! It features eight tracks in all. The completed works played forward appear on the CD as tracks one through four followed by their 'mirror' images tracks five through eight -- totaling over one hour of music.

More information on ordering, the "XesseX" project in general, samples, artwork and the palindrome titles can be found

 CD of archival tracks picked from the Quirkworks' Vaults entitled 
"BELEAGUERED BLOSSOMS (selected artifacts 1993-2009)" was released on October 19, 2010. This recording is downloadable at selected outlets, however, the "Beleaguered Blossoms" CD booklet (Sold Out) will also include instructions for accessing some incredible free bonus material consisting of music, video, detailed track information and photography.

More information including downloading information, samples, and album notes can be found
Sorry, Sold Out!

An interesting release entitled "Adaptors" was released in Italy on May 2, 2011. This
CD contains remixes of thirteen selected tracks of Richard's music - some older and some more recent - assembled, remixed and edited by famous Italian producers Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi.

You can find much more information including ordering links, track listing, audio samples, artwork and additional info provided by the booklet notes available at this page.

Sold Out CDs Available on Custom CD-R
You can now get three of Richard's nearly impossible to find sold out recordings for only $8 each plus shipping. These will be custom made CD-Rs direct from Quirkworks that have artwork printed on the CD and include, along with the entire original recording, two unreleased alternate takes from that release. The recordings being offered are "
The Ghosts of Hanton Village", "Infinite Plastic Creation" and "Disorient". More information is available on the disc pages or the order page.

From AD Music...
AD Music released a 2010 Christmas album titled "ChristmasAD - The First Snow" that includes two of Richard's contributions - "Do You Hear What I Hear" and "
Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus?". More information & ordering links can be found here.

Richard has, 
in conjunction with Don McCarty of CodeDimensions, created an iTunes application entitled "Mind Environs". Now live on iTunes, "MindEnvirons" is a meditation/ambient app featuring 3 separate "Environs", each having a brainwave tone plus 6 ambient loops.

Music from the "Mind Environs" application is also available in a very limited edition thirty-minute CD or to download. This recording contains three 10-minute tracks -- each track one possible mix of the  nearly infinite variations possible with the iTunes 'Environs'. Ordering links and more can be found on this page.

Richard Bone's The Ghosts Of Hanton Village represents his 25th release on the Quirkworks label. It contains 10 ambient works inspired by the folklore surrounding Hanton Village, a mysterious commune in the northwest hills of Rhode Island. It was settled by a group of unknown travelers in 1790..........who vanished without a trace in 1890. Like the stories themselves, the music ranges from dark, chilling excursions to music filled with hope and promise.

Copies purchased through this site will also include a bonus DVD of three videos created from tracks on this recording - "Somaia Arafa", "The Shadowlands" and "Nemeniah". The Ghosts Of Hanton Village is primarily a digital release - only 100 CDs have been manufactured and once they are gone.... that's it. Complete details can be
found here.

We have a free download available of "Pyrambala" (Solace & Embers) - a track from Hanton Village. Dark, mysterious, and incredibly gorgeous. Check it out right here.

A Film Featuring Richard's Music
A DVD has been released in Australia called "UNDERWATER - New South Wales" that features eight tracks selected from various albums of Richard's music. This gorgeous DVD was filmed and directed by Jim Shaw and is currently available by ginclearfilms in a PAL format. More info is available here:  http://www.ginclearfilm.com.

More iTunes News
Now you can enjoy many of Richard's works on iTunes. First, there are two wonderful free Podcasts available. One is entitled "Recombinant - a Series of Brief Video Experiments" consisting of short videos Richard created by assembling individual brushstroke jpegs and the second is "The Healing Whisper" - three 15 minute ethereal ambient audio tracks for meditation.  You will also find much of Richard's recent catalog available there as well as the out-of-print Disorient, The Eternal Now and Tales From the Incantina plus four of his very early 80's Survival albums. Incredibly Richard's early synthpop recordings Brave Tales, Exspectacle, The Beat is Elite, and The Real Swing are all there in wonderfully remastered form. Simply do a search for Richard Bone on the iTunes homepage and enjoy!

More Digital Downloads
In addition to the downloads now found at Amazon and iTunes, you can also find some incredible videos and music available for your downloading/viewing pleasure by visiting Richard's pages at MySpace.com, YouTube.com & ReverbNation -- and for purchasing videos... Zipidee.com.

SUDDEN DEPARTURE - Nominated for the 2008 "Best Ambient Album" and "Best Electronic Album" New Age Reporter LifeStyle Awards!
 Sudden Departure marks Richard Bone's 24th release on his Quirkworks label and is the latest ambient work in an ephemeral, ever changing career whichnow spans 25 years. Sudden Departure takes its name from the stunning work of art by Cynthia Lund Torroll which graces its cover. The 11 tracks convey a wide palette of moods and emotions..from the mystery of Unknown Waters, the strength of Paetr Pax (Paetr was the ancient Roman name for the head of a family unit), to the sweeping beauty of Ophir, named for the lost city thought to be the source of King Solomon's gold and home to the Queen of Sheeba. Imaginative and serene, serious yet playful, Sudden Departure is the essence of Richard Bone's music today.

For ordering information, audio samples or to learn more about Cynthia Lund Torroll's work, visit this page.
Be sure to also take a look at our free video download of "Unknown Waters" - a beautifully serene ambient video Richard has created from the first track on SUDDEN DEPARTURE. You'll find more details here.

SHORT WAVES -  Brief Excursions Into Surreal Video
A wonderful new music video collection! From the press release...

Richard Bone's "Short Waves: 12 Brief Excursions Into Surreal Video" combines the moods and rhythms of today's ambient electronica and matches it with 12 impressionistic videos each ranging between two and three minutes. The idea was to create 12 concise pieces that capture the viewer's imagination but then, like an elusive dream, are gone. Some of the pieces are dark such as "Delonyka" with its menacing eyes peering into the soul. While others are more upbeat, like the jazzy trees of the DVD's opener, "Arboratora". Each of "Short Waves" 12 videos are unique with the whole being even greater than the sum of its parts. Pressing "repeat play" is an inevitable outcome!

Ordering details for the DVD "Short Waves - 12 Brief Excursions Into Surreal Video", video titles and still images can be found here.

The soundtrack for "Short Waves"  is also available as a separate limited-edition audio CD containing the 12 soundtracks plus four extended bonus mixes. More information including audio samples, track listing and ordering links can be found at this link.

Originally released in a very limited run of 50 LPs in 1982 and created as the soundtrack to a pioneering piece of experimental video, Emerging Video, which aired on the USA cable channel. These tracks contain 11 amazing forays into early electronica. Recorded before the term ambient became a household word. Some tracks are slightly rhythmic, some are experimental but all feature Richard Bone's unmistakable sense of melody.

You can now order this extraordinary recording in superb quality on CD which also includes several stunning artwork stills taken from the videos. Don't miss the incredible chance to own this exquisite recording. Further details, samples and ordering info can be found at this link.

- - Pre-2008 News - -

INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION  - - Winner of the 2007 NAR LifeStyle Music Awards Best Electronic Album!
Richard Bone's Infinite Plastic Creation is an exquisite new work of primarily rhythmic ambience (Indiga, Once Again & Momentary Flux are beatless ethereal works). Created during a time of personal crisis and reflection, these 11 tracks are the most emotional and sophisticated works of his career. From the mysterious darkness of Ryder Adrift to the longing for resolution in Where Stars Await You and concluding with the melancholy of Indiga, Once Again, these pieces will haunt the listener for many years to come.

Ordering details and further information are available here.
Also available - INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION The Videos, a wonderful collection of visuals created to accompany this recording. More information at this link.

CONNECTION FAILED - Unfinished Works
  A collection of previously unreleased ambient works now available to purchase! Here's more:

"These 7 pieces were originally created as backing tracks for various collaborations between 1997 and 2006 that, for one reason or another, never came to fruition. Having all but forgotten what I had recorded, I recently came across the masters and decided to give them a listen. To my surprise they seemed to have a life of their own. Where I expected to find arid, empty passages I found ambient oases brimming with imaginary instruments. Sparse perhaps but proving, once again, that less can often be more. I hope you enjoy them.  RB"

This CD is being released in a very limited edition of only 100 copies, of which there may be a few still available. You can find complete details at this link.

SONGS FROM THE ANALOG ATTIC (unreleased vocal works 1992-1998)
  We also have another recording featuring previously unreleased tracks entitled "Songs from the Analog Attic (unreleased vocal works 1992-1998)". This recording however, features 10 vocal tracks Richard recorded between the “ X Considers Y” sessions and his evolution into ambient work with “Ambiento”. From the press release...

10 previously unreleased vocal tracks recorded in the years between Richard's successful new wave career in the early 1980's on Survival Records UK and the advent of his ambient electronica work in 1998. His songcraft, melodies & production are all in top form on Songs From The Analog Attic. His lyrics, which many considered one of the best qualities of those early years, are surreal and filled with imagery. From the wish fulfillment of A Swan, Therefore, A Swan "Outside your window the cover girl posies weep like willow" to the nostalgia of Calypso "Fascinated by the Rock of Gibraltar, Emancipated by the Blarney Stone, All the children of the great revolution were swaying to Moroccan Roll" each song is a story that now can be told.

  Now available to purchase for only $8.99. You'll find ordering links, titles & lyrics, audio samples and artwork right here.

Great News for Shox Lumania and Bone Fans
  We've got a bit of exciting news if you were a fan of the legendary eighties bands Shox Lumania and Bone. First, you simply must check out the wonderful Shox Lumania page Richard has created at MySpace as an homage to his late friend and bandmate Lari Shox. There are several Lumania tracks available for download as well as a wonderful video, all of which can be found
at this link.

   We have also just added a link to John Schavone's new website. John was a keyboardist for both of Richard's early eighties bands Shox Lumania and Bone. John's site features several songs, two that Richard produced or otherwise contributed to during those early years. John's site can be visited here.

  We also have several of Richard's recent ambient video collections available for purchase. The two most recent additions are MEDITATION WORKS and AMBIENT VIDEO COLLECTION volume one. These stunning video collections are available for only $7.99 each. For complete details including previews and ordering links, click here.
*update - MEDITATION WORKS is also now available for download at Amazon.com for only $4.99! (USA & Windows OS only)

An Upcoming Biography Book
Richard has been approached by a British author interested in writing a future in-depth biographical book about his musical career. More information as it becomes available.EXPERIMENTS '80-'82
"Experiments '80-'82" is a very limited edition CD featuring selected tracks from Richard's extremely rare cassette only recordings “Life in Video City” & “Quiz Party” and three tracks he contributed to the 1982 "American Music Compilation" LP, as well as never before seen photos and video stills shot during those early years of Richard's career. For further details and ordering information,
click here.

Free Website Downloads
We also have several items offered for your downloading pleasure. There are three videos available including "Aquaville," a video Richard created from a track on his 2005 recording SAIYUJI, and two others comprising THE ALTERNATE SPECTRAL SHIPS VIDEO ALBUM featuring video downloads created from out takes of THE SPECTRAL SHIPS. More information about these on the
videos page.

More Downloads
The Spanish website Lost Frontier.org is offering free downloads of singles or entire albums, a recent one being SAMPLER 07 which features a previously unreleased track by Richard entitled "Ryder Adrift" that he recorded for a proposed multi-media installation. Definitely worth checking out! Visit the Lost Frontier website here.

Via Poetica is centered around the timeless and ethereal poems of Lisa Louise Indish. The poems are read by Ms. Indish and are underscored with the ambient soundscapes of Richard Bone. The disc features 12 introspective vignettes that wrap themselves around your heart and speak to the universal human conditions of longing, hope and desire.
Ordering information, audio samples and a video for a track on the recording can be found here.

Now Available from AD Music. Here's an excerpt from the press release: 

"Serene Life of Microbes" is full of superb analogue electronic music that cleverly manages to be gentle, dark, beautiful and strange. It is a masterful ambient work that stirs up deep echoes of atmospheric space music from a bygone age. And yet "Serene Life" also manages to convey a strong contemporary mood that drifts in and out of a sublime beauty that is never less than utterly compelling.
More info...

VESPERIA: Music for Vespers at the First Congregational Church of Holliston, Massachusetts
VESPERIA, which was commissioned specifically for vespers service at the Holliston church, is divided into four parts of gracious & serene electronic ambience. The disc concludes with a scored reading of a poem by Lisa Louise Indish which perfectly sums up the inspirational tone of Vesperia. The music transcends religious sectarianism, however, and is intended as a soundtrack for anyone interested in the journey inward and the power of thought. It was directly inspired by the writings of Ernest Holmes, Florence Shinn and Raymond Holliwell.

      Additional information including audio samples and ordering links can be found
at this link.

The Vesperia Videos are a series of four serene and meditative videos created by Richard Bone to accompany the Vesperia: music for vespers....CD release. As with the music, the visuals evolve slowly over time and have the ability to simultaneously hold the viewer's attention or act as video wallpaper! This NTSC DVD is available direct from Richard Bone and Quirkworks for a very limited time. More information at this link.

SAIYUJI - - Nominated for the NAR 2005 LifeStyle Music Awards 'Best Ambient Album'!  - -
Named after an ancient Buddhist temple in Singapore, SAIYUJI concludes the CD trilogy begun with Disorient and
The Reality Temples. Audio samples, press release, track & video titles and ordering links can be found at this link.

New Site Videos
We've recently added a new video by Barton Santello entitled "Day Residue." This video features two of Richard's tracks - "Dido" from COXA and “The Andean Grays” from ELECTROPICA - as the soundscape. You will find this video and additional information on the videos page.

An Interview with Echoes Radio
Richard did an informative interview with Echoes Radio late 2005 discussing a myriad of subjects from his early eighties new wave days with Shox Lumania to his 2006 recording SAIYUJI. An mp3 of that interview and more can be found here.

New Site Exclusive Interview! (05/02/05)
Be sure to check out our follow-up interview bringing us up-to-date on all Richard has been up to recently. Access that new interview from the articles page or at
this link.

 - released June 30, 2004 from Spiralight Recordings! For more information, audio samples, ordering info and a look at the positively surrealistic cover artwork - Click Here .
Update Nominated for the NAR 2004 LifeStyle Music Awards 'Best Electronic Album'! (12/06/04)

Check out Richard's page at Acid Planet.com
You will find an expanding collection of ambient, rhythmic and early vocal synthpop music as well as occasional videos. Richard has several tracks and ambient videos available there now, and within just two days they had reached the top 5 positions of their respective charts! Take a look here.

The Porno Soundtracks EP
Our first fully downloadable release, The Porno Soundtracks EP features five tracks selected from soundtracks Richard created for two films between the years of 1980 - 1982. Largely in the experimental style of EMERGING MELODIES, this unique release is freely available in a downloadable MP3 format. Additional details here.

Now Available at the Ambient.us Website - Digital Downloads!
Great news for anyone looking for Richard's out of print releases! Now you can download entire albums (including artwork) from an ever-growing collection of current, out of print and exclusive releases. Complete details about purchasing/downloading and the full catalog of currently available releases can be found at: www.ambient.us.com/shop.

ALTERNATE REALITIES (rare, unreleased and alternate tracks)
Available on the Spiralight Recordings label, ALTERNATE REALITIES was released August 10, 2003 featuring nine gorgeous tracks -- seven never before released and two alternate versions from Ascensionism. For audio samples, reviews, updates and ordering links -  Click here.

Yes, you read that right!! Richard was asked to do an interview with the science magazine Chemical & Engineering News for its 80th Anniversary celebration article entitled "It's Elemental", covering each element of the Periodic Table. For their Indium section, they asked Richard to discuss his reasons for choosing that name as his performance piece and album title. Access the new (and informative) interview from the Mailing List page or from this link.

I N D I U M -- Ambient CD and Special Edition DVD!
Richard's ambient recording INDIUM, was released December 10, 2002 on the Electroshock Records label.  In addition to seven other tracks, INDIUM includes a 30-minute piece also featured on a limited edition ambient video Richard has made available exclusively through this website. Each custom made video will be signed (if requested) and is available in your choice of DVD-R or VHS. Click here for information about the DVD/video; Audio samples, ordering links and more information about the CD can be found here.

(Excerpt from the June 26, 2002 Underlight Press Release)
Lyra Studios, developer of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Underlight, and Richard Bone, an eclectic composer with a unique vision and mission he calls "SOUNDS FROM THE ETHEREAL CIRCUS", are pleased to announce an agreement that will add background music to Underlight.....With 22 tracks available for download, players of Underlight will have hours of music to enjoy while exploring The Dream....

Logan's Run Compilation
The collaboration CD featuring original music inspired by the novel "Logan's Run" was released in 2002 combining the talents of German electronic artists Gregor Zentrich, Ingo Anhenn and Richard Bone. Songs for the individual chapters were written by Gregor and Ingo with Richard contributing a previously unreleased 8 minute ambient piece entitled "Spires" as the finale. Available on the Discos Veveos label. More information about this project and links to the Discos Veveos website can be found

All Songs Considered
Richard was one of the artists profiled on the web only program called All Songs Considered. Based on the music played during NPR's All Things Considered, the show is presented in a real audio format allowing visitors to listen to the music while simultaneously reading about the artist and viewing photos, etc. The program with Richard, featuring his song "Amorita Dive" from COXA, was Program #6 and can be accessed