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Richard Bone


Bring On The Angels

I am a man of desire
Walking into the light
We are creatures of Heaven
We inherit the might
Send your heart to the left
Cast your soul to the right
Hand in glove we will move
Under cover of night.

  Bring on the angels
  Tangled in halos
  Set them loose in the garden of Zeus
  Bring on the angels
  Oh holy heroes
  Let me swim in the river of sin & light

We are creatures of habit
Yet we fight for a change
We are soldiers of fortune
Penniless all the same
They call us the rebels
But what's in a name?
We are what we are
And we are all the stars in the sky

A Swan Therefore A Swan

Your graven image
Unfolds before me
Unforgiven, No sign of beauty
Outside your window
The cover girl posies
Weep like a willow

  Like a diamond in the quarry
  You're a gem yet unrefined
  So cry humbly ugly duckling
  You will be a swam in time

This crazy torture
That you are enduring
Will end tomorrow
slowly but surely
So don't bang the tango
Dance with all 7 veils
Until Eldorado

  In the City of Angels
   There are artificial Swans
    You must rise above them
      The artificial Swans

Wake up Little Suzie
Fight for your sanity
This groovy movie
Is taking it's toll
Your graven image
Unfolds before me


Darkness.....I'm a Loch Ness leopard
Waiting for you
Deep sea.....I'm in a quandary
I'm wading for you

  I wanna Aquate, dive & gyrate
  Blow me up a bubble on Lover's Lake
  Aquate, writhe & deflate
  Down, down, down

I sit in a cavern at the bottom of the sea
Uncle Neptune and me
Everyday I hope, I up my periscope
What will I see?

No Aqua Velva boys, no Perma Wave girls
Only the wet look for me
No drip dry, honey that's no lie
I would flounder endlessly

Retribution Day

If I were a gambling man
This risk I take might surely damn my future
I might lie awake, I might toss and turn
Feel the heat, crash and burn..torture

But it's OK
There's always
Retribution Day

This road I'm on, it seems to lack
A point of reference on any map...it's nowhere
Ten sacks of gold for the devil's spell
It might be heaven, it might be hell...remember

If I had wings like an aero plane
I would fly, I would proclaim..across the sky
When did the child become the man?
Who put this power in his hand?

It's dangerous


Cool cat under the Golden Gate
Said hurry up honey, don't be late
Pick me up at a quarter to six
I'm tired of playing with my fiddle sticks

Go-go girlie with the Hollywood wish
Crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge
Says she's going to be a star
Hold that dream and you'll go far

  Everybody's crossing over
   Somewhere somehow
    Going here and going there
      A face in the crowd
       Could this be the reel thing?

Muscle men with big machines
Trucks and cranes and drilling things
Set the charge and save the nation
The biggest bridge in all creation



Fascinated by the rock of Gibraltar
Emancipated by the Blarney Stone
All the children of the Great Revolution
Were swaying to Moroccan Roll

Never a thought for tomorrow
We were always at the seaside by 9
Now all of those mischievous faces
Are calling from the back of my mind

  Hey Calypso where did you go to?
  I liked the way you shimmied the tree
  When you shook it down came the coco
  Hey Calypso where did you go?

Riding on a wave in Jamaica
Diving for Spanish doubloons
Those are the days I remember
Everyone ending too soon

We were the toast of Manhattan
No river deep mountain tall
Only one thing with the high life
You have further to go when you fall

  Farewell seashell
   Remember me
    Goodnight starlight
     Sailing slow
      Steady as she goes

Once I could fly like an eagle
Once I could run with the wind
Now all of the cards have been shuffled
And I don't know how to begin

So I'm waiting in the coward's cathedral
Praying for the curtain to fall
Sitting in the folds of my armchair
With a ticket to the end of it all

  Hey Calypso where did you go to?


Today she is only one and five
But on the day she was born all the gods cried
Aphrodite, Zeus and Mars
Followed in a motorcar
The gem of Olympia had arrived

  Valenteen....watercolor girl
  Valenteen....deliver us all

Siboney priestess of Bombay
Fell down upon the altar so they all say
She recognized the calling card
Of the daughter of the evening star
She chanted through the darkness and the day

  Goddess of cool
   Savior of fools
    Red dress redemtress
     Daughter divine
      Will I go blind
        If I give witness?


In the darkness he sees all things
Hearts a flutter, souls with wings
In the mirror he casts no doubt
The night knows but you won't find out

  He's fading, erasing
  He's waiting in the shadows
  Cloak and dagger, doesn't matter
  You're dancing with the Shadowman

Like an angel he'll fly and sing
A song of wisdom, a song of dreams
Like a devil he'll make you sweat
Show you places you won't forget

He's a nightmare, he's a fantasy
He's anything you want him to be
Liquid lover or a demon doll
Through the years he's been it all

Presenting Vera's Unveiling

Vera comes and Vera goes
Vera says she never knows the story
Vera please believe me child
Many have walked the crooked mile before you

   Vera's amazing
   Vera is changing
   Stepping over the line
   Vera was wretching
   Now Vera's fetching
   Presenting Vera's Unveiling

9 to 5 fools them all
Another flower on the wall..no question
No attention, no regard
Never be the morning star...they don't notice

  Now she blossoms
   Now she blooms
    The heartbreak of every room
     She dances a brand new fandango
       Riding on her carousel
        What they want she has to sell
         She knows every detail and angle

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