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Wind & Wire
- A Review by Bill Binkelman

Richard Bone

An album of unreleased or alternate versions and rare tracks (which this is by the way) from any artist except Richard Bone would probably reveal why the tracks were never released in the first place. But, this is Richard Bone we’re talkin’ `bout here, pal o’ mine; so instead, what alternate realities delivers to your doorstep is a recording so excellent that all I can do is shake my head and mutter, “Damn it, Bone; you went and did it again!” Yes, even when he goes through the “leftovers,” this guy still has talent to burn in evidence everywhere. What is it about him? Is it the overall hip and cool vibe that permeates each track (most of what is on this CD slots in alongside of his previous releases Electropica, Coxa or Ascensionism-what I refer to as his cyber-jazz trilogy)? Is it his sly sense of humor (how can you NOT love songs with titles like “New Guru in Town,” “Ariel Dane and the Seraphim Swing” or “The House that Cugat Built”)? Or is simply that the man can compose and play music that is as sexy, soulful, and smooth as a 20 year old single malt? Well, whatever it is, he’s got it working again. alternate realities is every bit as good as the three previously mentioned recordings, so if you liked any of them, you better grab your checkbook, wallet, credit card, or whatever you barter with, `cause you are gonna have to have this; you just know you will!

From the opening ethnic-percussion, soprano sax, and trip-hop rhythm, of “Elutherium” to the hauntingly beautiful mystery of “Cava Negra” and its glitch-like beats married to liquid synth strings and plaintive piano; from the jazzy organ, funky bass, and gently swinging sax of “The House that Cugat Built” to the tropical chill-out of “By Serapis Bay” which blends laid-back rhythms, fluid synths, some of Bone’s best-ever digital piano work, and jazz trumpet that hits all the right notes, alternate realities is the perfect tonic for calming your nerves in the late evening after a hectic day battling whatever your personal demons happen to be. I played this on my radio show one recent night and a colleague at my day job fell in love with it. Hey, the Boneman has that effect on people. I speak from experience.

So, whether you like chill-out, trip-hop, jazz, downtempo, or if you just need some mellow tunes to relax to, and you want something besides the usual ambient or new age that you always seem to be reaching for, alternate realities should realign both your spinal column and your chakras. If you can get all the way through this disc and not smile once, you've either got a serious case of the blahs or you’re so damn grumpy that there’s no hope for you. Or, maybe it’s that you just don’t recognize genius when you hear it? Whatever. I’m too busy having a good time with Richard Bone to care what your problem is. Now, do a pal a favor and get me a refill of Dewars, will ya? That’s a good kid!

Review by Bill Binkelman (WIND & WIRE)