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The Organization of Sound - Reviews by Matt Borghi

Richard Bone

     When I put in the first disc Electropica, I could hear that very distinctive Richard Bone sound, it was still present in the recording that I subsequently listened to, Coxa, and Ascensionism. I think of it kind of like this imagine that deep resonating, perfectly equalized contemplative Bone sound with break beats or programmed drum sounds. Bone's music has always had an air of jazz influence, the only Ambient guy I know who can successfully fuse dark atmospheric Ambient and ninth chords and do it well. Also Bone's sound is about as good as it gets. Sonically, Bone's recordings are second to none. As for the content there is some really cool instrumentation on these recordings. As far as I know this all sound synthesis but Bone's technical mastery mixes all of the instruments into their respective frequency envelopes thus creating a wonderfully jazzy recording that is also very contemplative, chill, or spacey, depending on what adjective you're partial to.

     I should mention some of the influences of these recordings here. Richard has included in his liner notes his inspirations for these recordings. Electropica is inspired by and dedicated to the Bossa Nova masters, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfa, and Joao Gilberto. In his press release Bone tells a story about discovering Jobim that I can really relate to. From the press release: "A curious things happened to me during the summer of 1996. While leaving a favorite music store, I detoured down the jazz aisle. Suddenly, one of the discs flung itself out of the bin and landed squarely at my feet. I was immediately drawn to its cover. A giraffe was gliding across cobalt blue sand beneath and emerald green sky. Without a second thought, I brought the disc and brought it home. My life was about to change…the disc was Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave". I can't say that my story is similar but I discovered Jobim's Wave about a year ago after listening to some of his other stuff. Jobim is a genius, it was actually upon discovering Astrud Gilberto, the aforementioned Joao Gilberto's ex-wife that I truly found my fascination for this great Brazilian, jazz hybrid that came to be known as Bossa Nova. Following that recording I put in, Coxa, a recording that's inspired by the artistry of Creed Taylor, Rudy Van Gelder, Cal Tjader, and Dave Pike. I must admit that I'm not familiar with most of these artists, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying beautiful and thoughtful musical compositions that Bone has created here. The newest disc and the one that actually moved me to contact Mr. Bone, is Ascensionism. Ascensionism is a heavy recording that's overflowing with all kinds of swinging rhythms and contemplative moods. "Ascensionism is a musical travelogue through the mystic teachings of Kabbalah and shimmer with the warmth, wisdom and hope emanating from the Ascension Schools high over Luxor, Egypt. This is an exciting and warm end-cap to the exciting Richard Bone contemplative jazz trilogy.

     Next up, the most bitchin' of Ambient recordings, The Eternal Now. This recording is a little different that the Bone-Ambient stuff that I'm used to, there's almost an air of Reichian Minimalism in some places and in other places the beautiful and dark Bone Atmosphere that I've come to love and secretly try to recreate in the depths of my basement studio, but never to any success. The Eternal Now has something that I've only found in a handful of recordings, namely The Best of Danna and Clement, released earlier this year on the Mirage label, that's Beauty. This recording is really beautiful, and youthful, and optimistic, and, and, and…That beauty is something that I've never really heard in Bone's previous Ambient recordings. A lot of Ambient music is dark, and contemplative, all minor chords, Bone has created a beautifully evocative recording that creates ambiences of youth and life.

     Richard Bone, if and when you read this, you have put some great work into the universe my man! Great work! Thank you for putting such wonderful stuff into the world. Thank you.