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Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronica
Excerpt from the book written by Jim Brenholts


      Richard Bone has been involved in the recording industry for over 20 years. He has been associated with some stellar performers - most notable Lenny Kaye (guitarist for Patti Smith and occasional contributor to Gabrielle Roth). He started his own label - Quirkworks - in 1991. On that label, he began releasing synth-pop and upbeat ambience. He has also ventured into the minimalist arena. Currently, he records his minimal ambience for Hypnos Recordings and his upbeat rhythmic ambience on Quirkworks.

      Richard Bone released a CD with a jewel box, "Eternal Now." Noted for his sparse packaging (which helped keep prices low) and sophisticated artwork, Bone reversed his field and used sparse artwork and conventional packaging. Do not worry, though. The real artwork is in the performance. A multi-talented musician, Richard has honed his influences into a unique sound that reminds the listener of everything from "Tubular Bells" to Fripp & Eno to Wendy Carlos. This is a grabber and a keeper.

      "At that moment a blackvessel sailing on a cloud appeared and carried off the man's spirit." Thus Richard Bone quotes Horace Beck in the liner notes for "The Spectral Ships." This CD is a return to the minimalist ambience of "The Eternal Now." Dark, ominous and ethereal, the music flows within an eerie soundscape, evoking images of those vessels in the clouds. This is an atmospheric atmosphere. The walls of sound are delicate. Each wall is built upon the preceding wall. They replace each other as the first wall slowly and gently dissipates into the background. There are no monumental walls, only continuous and stable walls. Richard is in a zone. He can do no wrong.

      "Electropica" is Richard Bone's tribute to Latin ambience and bossa nova. Never has an artist founded a label more aptly named than Richard's Quirkworks label. Beautiful artwork and rhythmic ambience are cornerstones of Richard's work. This is no exception! The listener can imagine Xavier Cugat jumping out to lead the band!

      "Coxa" is Richard Bone's ambient tribute to jazz. Last year he souped up the salsa. This year he electrifies the jazz. Cool, hip, groovy and wild, this CD is another gem from Richard's Quirkworks label.

      "Ether Dome" is a very mature atmospheric CD from the master of quirk - Richard Bone. After abandoning or leaving his experimental crossovers of recent years, Richard returned to minimalist ambience with a huge - yet subtle - splash. Hot desert ambience is the order of the day and Richard takes his creativity to the next level. He has been in the minimalist zone before. After "Electropica" and "Coxa," "Spectral Ships" was a treat. This album is special and essential!

The reviews above were submitted on Feb 16, 2000

The ones below were added September 10, 2000

      "Ambiento" is an experimental foray into ambient atmospheres from the doctor of quirk, Richard Bone. Richard made this his first release from "Quirkworks Laboratory Discs," more commonly known just as "Quirkworks." This CD is packed with references to a broad range of ambient styles. There are some hi-tech rhythms, dense atmospheres, minimalist soundscapes, and - DUH! - some quirky eclectica! The experiMENTAL overtones take this disc over the top! There was a movie released recently called "Being John Malkovich." A movie called "Being Richard Bone" would be a psychoactive event of monumentous and cascading enjoyment. Succinctly, it would be way cool!

      "Ascensionism" is Richard Bone's tribute to the Ascension Schools and the beat poets. It is a smooth ride of soft rhythms and quirky instrumentation. The gentle soundscape is perfect for grooving, laying back and drifting into a coffeehouse. It is also excellent for meditating on a lazy day and, perhaps, contemplating the state of the mind or of the soul. Richard has always been in the "cool" zone. On this CD, he goes "cooler than cool" and remains in the "can do no wrong" arena.