Time Travel







Reviewed by Dave W. Hughes
Feb. 09, 03

Richard Bone

     One thing can be said about “Electroshock Records” without any fear of contradiction, and that's they're one hell of an interesting electronic label. I'd be the first to say that not all their releases have hit the mark, that would be, frankly, impossible, but all credit is given to them for not sticking to a winning formulae. It's only recently I finished the mammoth task of reviewing their last batch when bang! another five arrive. Not that I'm moaning, anything from this label is always a welcome addition. Richard Bone is the composer responsible for the next release, “Indium” (ELCD033). In some respects, the opening sequence is very similar to Cerullo's work above. What makes it slightly different, and equally as beautiful, is when the piano comes in after a couple of minutes. Similar to Roger Eno (and Brian to a lesser extent) Bone, within the space of a few moments, transports you to some “other” place where nothing is short of wonderful - an incredibly reflective opening track, “Indium. Part I”. Seems such a shame not have bestowed a more thought provoking title, and the track is far too short! “Mercurial Wave” is the second track, and once again, the reflective mood is strengthened by Bone's unbelievable sense of calm and creativity. The ebb and flow of the sounds are like the waves of some strange sea where it invites you in. “Mayapan”, track four, is a little more sinister. It's got a more darker feel to it, with an unease that's only slightly alleviated with the introduction of those mellow piano notes. What more can I say? A truly awesome and relaxing album.

Review by: Dave W. Hughes (“Modern Dance”)