Time Travel







Press Release

  A curious thing happened to me during the summer of 1996. While leaving a favorite music store, I detoured down the jazz isle. Suddenly, one of the discs flung itself out of the bin and landed squarely at my feet. I was immediately drawn to its cover. A giraffe was gliding across cobalt blue sand beneath an emerald green sky. Without a second thought I bought the disc and brought it home. My life was about to change.

   The disc was Antonio Carlos Jobim's "WAVE". Recorded in 1967, it was one of the most sensual works I had ever heard. The gentle rhythms, the haunting melodies were mesmerizing. The stereo imaging of producer Creed Taylor was magical. I must have played it ten times that night. These were beats of another time, another place. Innocent, yet primal, but most of all...romantic. This was Bossa Nova!

  I have spent the last year and a half researching this old/new music. I discovered the masters of this genre: Jobim, Luiz Bonfa and Joao Gilberto. During those many months I listened to little else.

  ELECTROPICA is my homage to these artists. Through the melding of sampled, found and created sounds, I have tried to capture my impression of this music, these rhythms. My work in the past has been described as ambient or electronic. For this release, I set those catagories aside.

  I hope you will take a little time and listen to ELECTROPICA with unbiased ears. Close your eyes and envision a different world. With giraffes, perhaps, and emerald skies above cobalt sand.

  Peace Always,
    Richard Bone