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September  2007

Richard Bone

        Here is a beautiful surprise. Without being completely pure Berlin School or progressive EM, Infinite Plastic Creation is an album intensely intelligent and immensely poetic. And yet, I had the mocking smile by reading the descriptive card of this last Richard Bone opus; there will be titles that will haunt the listener. How much true is this quotation! Delivering his emotions retained on Serene Life of Microbes, Richard Bone is offering 11 titles, all as tasty from one to another, with a liberating devotion. As if the author drew a line on a painful voyage.

Ryder Adrift makes part of the titles where the ambient eyes from head to foot the bare skin emotions. Vaporous light fog with fine keys floating on dark modulations, tinted of limpid sound glares. Such movements, stuffed of a burst emotion can also be hear on the very beautiful Imperial Glide, a title of a dense melancholy, Kharmacom with its bewitching synthesized modulations which stand out in hypnotic loops and the closing track Indiga, Once Again where shadowy lilts interlace to a dreamy piano and a synth with wounded breaths.

Richard Bone intelligently explores the beauties of a tribal world to enchanting harmonies. Like Toward Amitaf, Elastic Sahara and Father of Pearl where the tribal flutes awake a nature in look out. Rhythms are becoming more freshened with fine sequences percussions, like tablas style, and distance pipes which harmonizing to clannish beats on moulding orchestral arrangements.

Where Stars Await you is a track of bursting sensitivity. Tempo is soft, on lunar breaths synth that is crossing a spangled road of ethereal harmonies to soft reverberations. A musical piece to sleep, dream and even cry. (You Are) Essence of Diamond is a pearl which hangs instantaneously with its soft and delicate techno approach beat, along a piano that’s coiling with melodious eagerness. A languid synth flies over the movement, installing its violin strings of a languorously lover waves, as the caresses of a beloved one. A splendid track, maybe the best over all, with arrangements of great subtleties where haunting choirs are mixing to muscular orchestrations.

After the very ambient Momentary Flux, The Last Soul of Sophia Sinn renews with this specific heaviness which overhangs Infinite Plastic Creation. The tempo is soft, but inviting, with an incoercible touch which attracts senses, on air out keys which are lost in a moulding synth. Richard Bone gives a work of most personal, which transcends the territories of a conventional EM to embrace the soft nuances of New Age on tribal rhythms of a tribe of forlorn. Bordering Steve Roach and Vangelis, Infinite Plastic Creation is a great, but great album. I love every single minute out of it. A great thanks to its author for sharing his feels so brilliantly.

Sylvain from Québec, Canada
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