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(Translated by BabelFish)
November  2006

Richard Bone

        I am not an amateur of ambient music. I like the sounds and their progressions, worms of the unsuspected borders. Richard Bone is an American artist who specializes in a form of ambient music, with multiple sonorities. Serene Life of Microbes, is an album with the rich sound structures which feed the imaginary one with heavy atmospheres which evolve/move on impulses nebulas. Constantly in evolution, it is a opus with the dark colors which is deluded in the echo with our reflexions. Remote cosmic waves approach on a dense wind with the threatening atmospheric breaths. Attenuation floats a such moulding mass whose particles run in ends ruisselets, as this water which one hears the lapping, without knowing its source too much. Lacking tone, Attenation progresses among heavy pulsations and a synthetic wave which floats around parasitic sound effects which bleat of strange voices. Dark and enveloping universe, one synthé escapes from the placid laments on a denser movement, initiating a fine circular sequence which turns in the shade of celestial choruses and of synthé to the solitary breaths. The Seduction of Dr. Pasteur floats on an unequal line, like a rise retained by invisible forces, giving a structure intrigante. One surprises oneself to let oneself cherish by this linear impulse which ravels carefully, offering scattered notes and adjacent lines to the mélodieux and penetrating breaths. A metal wave, to the strident reverberations, invites the piano melancholic person of Protozoa, My Love to bore this caustic wall of a superb melody, that even the cold striations of one synthé without heart end up furbishing their indifferences and taking heat. With Autotrophic Light, we penetrate a sector a little more animated of Serene Life of Microbes. A sequencer whirls its impulse in rotary circles, encircled by superb synthé in mode piano or hurdy-gurdy guitar of Bayous, which makes whirl its agreements with smoothness. A strange fusion which creates a magic structure where harmonies confuse with the disordered spirals. A sequential melody with the ringing notes encircles Primitive Evolution. A superb title with a piano sensitive which resounds of its melancholy in an atmosphere weighed down by synthetic layers multi colors, to the invading shades. This Erasing Life releases the same heavy synthetic spirit. A fine sequential line filters a sonority which pulsates like a life line, on layers of a dense and enveloping synthetizer. A piano walks there. Dubious, it crosses disconcerting atmospheres with will have reducing. A linear movement bourdonnant opens Thermatoga. The atmosphere is dark and the movement separates in short sound waves, which come wet the edges from a loneliness, rocked by fine beaded notes which scatter its harmonies on the relents of a line in perdition. Archaea Apart follows on a similar structure, where a suave synthé nostalgic breath pangs of the life with through the winds of a virtual trumpet. A sensitive title which runs carefully, illuminated by celestial agreements which melt in short harmonies. Going Sleeping fence Serene Life of Microbes on the same heavy movements which paper the opus throughout its evolution. Austere choruses, as blown by monks with the values intrigantes, cross a line with the intense buzzes, like if a world unreal, and parallel with our, nourished our dreams, our hopes. Serene Life of Microbes is not an ordinary ambient album. It is a book without texts, negative without image which is written, takes shape with passions, the wounds and the thoughts melancholic persons which betray the glances. A crossing enters the hypnotic spheres of Michael Stearns, on her splendid Chronos, the vaporous rates/rhythms of Patrick O' Hearn and the mélodieux dreams of Richard Burmer. It is a beautiful voyage in the center of dark sonorities, where constantly bits of lights form unsuspected harmonious circles. It is the force of Serene Life of Microbes; to surprise constantly, even in the darkest recesses..

Guts of Darkness
(Translation from French provided by BabelFish)