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From the
Guts of Darkness website - (Review by Sylvain Lupari)
May 2008

Richard Bone

Richard Bone could make roses rise from clay and I would not be surprised! This New York musician flees all styles to offer music without borders. A diversified one which always succeeds in alluring, even with a disconcerting approach. It is in this context that the chameleon of abstract electronic music presents Short Waves. A collection of 12 short musical reflections as tasty as diversified, lying on frameworks of pastel tones and parallel modulations which join the Bohemian spirit of Richard Bone.

A soft voluptuous bass line with suggestive curves opens Arboratora. The piano is soft and surfing on a synth with harmonious resonance and fluty charming breaths. A languorously jazzy and sensual approach, as on Oribtaj, Cordial Blue and Eldersway, though these last are animated with lighter and catchier rhythms in a jazz fusion style which gives the sense of moving. Sea of Sound brings us back in the mysterious fog of Richard Bone's complexities. A beautiful piece of music with a nostalgic piano on an ambiguous sound structure. A psychedelic nostalgia that floats with the sea’s jellyfishes. Always in the nostalgic and nebulous mists, Winters in Euphoria dandles itself on a solitary piano striated of oscillating layers. Short and beautiful, as are all that revolves in this collection. Bone succeeds in stirring with nostalgic wanderings dusted with dark and catching choirs. The Indifferent O is quite poignant with its lonely piano which floats on a soft fluty synth. Impossibly Grey melts on a slow and complex beat as a wind that rolls on delicate tribal undulations. Flexion is disturbing with its undulating tempo to harpsichord rattling. A ringing ballet of glass sonority which becomes more animated by a strongly sensual pace on Nights in Bavaria Mix. And thus go these short musical interludes. Delonyka hems on a dark drone which surrounds a mistral piano. As everywhere, fusion with animations is binding with the complexity of these short musical pearls, as testifies the static Primitive Machine Vision and the angelica Autumna Falls, which is worth amply its lengthened version on the CD.

I adored Short Waves, as well for the musical aspect as for the video clips side. It is the kind of opus which we play in loops and runs with the softness of its harmonies, even the complex ones. A sound universe difficult to show,  but Richard Bone could make roses rise from clay and I would not be surprised.

Sylvain Lupari of Guts of Darkness