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Attention Broadcasters:

Quirkworks is updating its mailing list for future releases. Radio stations, spas, meditation centers, etc. that wish to be added to our promotional mailing list, please send your contact info to: quirkwork@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

- rb

VERTICAL LIFE - Now Available

Richard’s long-awaited new recording - VERTICAL LIFE, is now available. This gorgeous full-length CD is filled with 10 mind expanding voyages. Here’s more…

Featuring ten new meticulously crafted works of 'Surreality', Vertical Life is melodic ambience for contemplation and flying carpets. Without becoming mired in the heavy handed approach so prevalent in the ambient genre, Vertical Life is inspired by the early (the 1960's) and current exploration into the expansion of human consciousness. We stand at the doorway of a new era of infinite possibility, majik and alchemy. Vertical Life is the soundtrack to one of these exploratory journeys. It is best enjoyed under a galaxy of planets and stars, be they real or imagined. And maybe, just maybe, on a flying carpet of your own design!

More information including track listing, ordering links and artwork can be seen on this page.

CRANIUM FIZZ - Richard's first vinyl EP in 30 years...

Cranium Fizz is a 12" vinyl EP available September 5, 2013. It contains four tracks best descirbed as 'chillout music for mind and feet'. The title track is the most danceable with elements of electronica and jazz sprinkled throughout. Highly rhythmic it is, but it never descends into a tacky homage to disco. Far from it. Bleeps and cranium fizzes are sprinkled atop an electric piano. The piano in turn rocks firmly over solid bass and percussion. The other 3 tracks slow the pace down a bit as they draw the mind into the chillout grooves. The production is clever and, as with all Richard Bone releases, begs to be heard on headphones! More info here.

More Exciting Vinyl News...

Final details are being worked out with German label Vinyl-on-Demand on their boxed-set of long out-of-print material Richard created  from 1979 - 1985. The work will be entitled "VAULTED VISIONS
- filmworks, synthpop, demos & experiments". More information will be coming soon but so far we know that mid May, 2014 will see the boxed-set released consisting of 3 LPs, a bonus 7-track 7", a color libretto plus a bonus t-shirt for VOD subscribers. Tracklist, artwork and link to VOD can be found at here.

Even More Vinyl News for Summer 2014 - "Brave Sketches"

Orlandomaniac Music is proud to present a new retrospective album of early synth-pop demo works by Richard Bone, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 'Untold tales' (2004). This unique selection of 24 fantastic songs written between the years 1978-84, which were never meant to reach the ears of anyone but the composer himself, will soon be available for everyone to enjoy. The songs were saved and transferred from many long forgotten, fragile reel tapes recently found in Richard's attic! More Info

From the AD Music Website...
"Images from a Parallel World" contains creative instrumental music of the highest quality, music without boundaries that shifts with consummate ease from the eclectic and uniquely 'Richard Bone' rhythmic styled musical soundscapes to the ethereal, ambient and electronic for which he is so well known. The 12 tracks cover vastly different moods yet remain cohesive as a 'whole' as he takes the listener on a hugely entertaining voyage through uniquely varied musical worlds."
Available April 26, 2013. Click here for details.

ANTHOLOGY -- More news from AD Music

'Anthology' features 18 carefully selected tracks from Richard's 'Quirkworks' label discography and adds 2 previously unreleased tracks for a comprehensive overview of the artist's unique and varied style. If you're already a fan of Richard Bone then this collection should be in your collection. If you're not, then this is a good place to discover the wonderful musical worlds of Richard Bone.

Download only release from AD Music available March 25, 2013. Click here for further details.

Sold Out CDs Available on Custom CD-R

Right now you can get three of Richard's nearly impossible to find sold out recordings for only $8 each plus shipping. These will be custom made CD-Rs direct from Quirkworks that have artwork printed on the CD and include, along with the entire original recording, two unreleased alternate takes from that release. The recordings being offered are "
The Ghosts of Hanton Village", "Infinite Plastic Creation" and "Disorient". More information is available on the disc pages or the order page.

Cool iTunes News

You can now find almost all of Richard's catalog since Alien Girl digitally on
iTunes. Simply do a search to find much of his recent catalog available there as well as many hard to find out-of-print recordings.

Be sure to also visit Richard at:

and please enjoy your visit!

updated 03/17/14


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