Time Travel







By Kerry Scott

Richard Bone and Quirkworks

     Richard Bone is probably not very well known to most people that read Instant. You may have seen a review or two in the past, but for the most part, we have not done all we should have to bring you information about this truly interesting and even pioneering electronic artist. Some may call it new-age, some may call it synth pop.
     Either way, Richard and his Quirkworks record label have produced several moving and emotional works. Richardís feelings and emotions ring true through what many may call a cold, unemotional musical type. He adds feeling to electronic music and following is a bit of background on Richard and Quirkworks.


     My first official foray into the music biz was a demo session produced by Patti Smithís legendary guitarist, Lenny Kaye. That was followed by years playing dives up and down the east coast and studying my second passion, theater. Eventually I wound up in the incredible band Shox Lumania in NYC. I played bass electronics and co-wrote the songs.
     It was a wonderful time. The band was very theatrical. The best of both worlds for me. We were one of the first releases on the ROIR label. It was a live recording at the Peppermint Lounge in NY. At the same time I started recording some solo work which was eventually picked up by Survival/Chrysalis UK. That led to 2 LPís and several singles in Europe and Japan. However during this period my interests were shifting to more experimental work while the label wanted more club oriented material. So, Quirkworks was born.
    The early releases on Quirkworks like X Considers Y, sort of bridged the gap of my pop work with my new experimental direction. Ambiento and Vox Orbita continued down the experimental path. I had discovered samples and gotten inside most of my equipment to create sounds that were my own. The deeper I looked inside sound, the deeper I began to look inside myself. I sensed a growing hunger for things meditative and spiritual. The latest CD,
The Eternal Now is the direct result of that journey. It was recorded mostly at night (the quiet hours) by candlelight.


    My influences come from some tangible and some intangible places. Artist like Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Richard H. Kirk and lately the incredible electronic recordings of composers like Carl Stone, Charles Dodge and Milton Babbit. However a good many ideas are the direct result of dreams and meditations.

Favorite Work:

     It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite work (believe me I do have a few least favorites but Iíll never tell.) I tend to be most attached to the latest because so much recent energy has gone into it. I guess, though, the work closest to my heart will always be the work unborn, the piece yet to come.
    I am very excited about a new work which will be released on Reversing Records in Maine. While recording
The Eternal Now, I simultaneously recorded another complete work. Metaphysic Mambo is closer in style to Vox Orbita and Ambiento in that it is less contemplative and more upbeat. Beta Rhythms for a Beta World! Maybe it could be best described as Martian Lounge Lizard Music.
     Lastly, if I could work with anyone, two names leap to mind. First, the reason I began writing music, John Lennon. And secondly the music I hear in my dreams is Harold Buddís.