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Instrumental Weekly
- A Review by Jimmy D

Richard Bone

An Artist At The Top Of His Game...

      As a long time fan of Richard Bone, I'm always glad (and relieved!) that each of his releases always seem to just get better and better. I think the first Bone album I was exposed to was The Eternal Now, and from that time forward, Richard has evolved into one of the most dependable artists in the genre when it comes to intriguing ideas, and stunning composition.

    For his latest effort, Disorient has a decidedly Middle-Eastern/Asian/Indian flavor to it. You can almost smell the flinty desert with tracks like "Sundanaram" and "Buddha's in Baghdad". Though elements of traditional ambient music can be found here, there is definitely a sharper focus on a more worldly sound, with captivating melodies that will make you long for places far, far away.

    According to Richard, "...the idea behind the Disorient was to create a surreal amalgam of global sound...not worldbeat, but rather a multi-cultural hall of mirrors." Mission accomplished throughout the 53 minutes of this album. There is a familiar sound that seems to run at the core of each track on Disorient, yet something completely exotic and unknown. Perhaps the title of the album helps to underscore this feeling.

    One thing I should point out here: as with many of Richard's album's, the overall listening experience is actually fun! The approach that Richard Bone takes to music is anything but conventional, and you will constantly keep wondering what path he will take you down next with Disorient. There are tracks on this album that will make you just want to sit, listen, and daydream, while other pieces will make you want to get up a dance a dervish in your living room. This is a sophisticated, worldly, exciting album that will positively have you coming back for more.

    Last note...for those of you who missed Richard's 2001 release entitled Tales from the Incantina, do yourself a favor and find a copy today...for a fantastic ambient experience, that recording is simply stunning.

Review by Jimmy D