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New Age Voice - 
Review by Jeff Towne

Richard Bone

     ...Richard Bone has released the latest in his series of exotic, quirky CDs on his own Quirkworks label. Bone says the title Disorient plays on the evocation of both Asia and confusion. "I wanted the music to have an eastern flavor, but not be area specific. As if you've just woken up in a land that feels strange, exotic yet somehow familiar...disorienting." The most prominently identifiable Asian reference is the Gamelan Orchestra, the array of gongs, bells and xylophone-like metalophones native to Indonesia. Bone says that these sounds were the inspiration for the whole project, but not through the traditional music, but rather the Japanese group Jalan Jalan and their atmospheric take on gamelan music as heard on their CDs Bali and Bali Dua on Pacific Moon.
     The Arabic grooves on some of the tracks resulted from a more direct experience. "A few years ago I traveled to Egypt to visit the pyramids and that began a fascination with things middle eastern" Bone says, adding, "that and my love of falafel!" These world-music elements, combine with electronics in untraditional ways, lending a surreal tone to the recording. Bone says he is shooting for that feeling of altered reality. "You know when you have a dream that places you in some strange land that you couldn't possibly have ever visited but yet it seems familiar? I hope I've created something like that."
     Although some of Richard Bone's music has the feel of 1950 bachelor-pad exotica, like Martin Denny or Esquivel for the new century, Bone insists he's not trying to be silly or ironic. "Although I've never thought of my works as having a humorous, or tongue in cheek quality, though that is usually how I am personally described. I suppose it only figures that those qualities would find their way into the music."
     In the midst of all the electronics, drum machines and unfamiliar timbres, a serene and spare piano frequently glides elegantly through. Why include that sound? Bone explains simply: "two words...Harold Budd."
     So if Indonesian Gamelan, Middle-Eastern percussion, and ambient piano is your cup of Oolong, check your bearings and take a trip to the